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An idea of a story in reverse.

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017





Everyone lived happily ever after. 


The hero Jack placed the dagger into the heart of the beast and watched his ememy slowly die.  No tears fell from his face.  He knew at last that he had killed an evil monster.  Everyone would be free and happy.  To see the end of the creature called ‘Big King’.


The hero kissed the fair maiden one more time.  As if it maybe his last.  Before he went into the cave to finish off her nightmare of a betrothed.  It would be the last time she would see and the end of an era.  Jack the boy had become more than a man.  He would become ‘her’ man.  Her hero.


Big King raced on foot into his first home.  The cave was where his mother gave birth to a ruler.  A despotic human with the hide of a beast.  As his true father was a demon.  Was this stone tomb the end.  Big King was sure that it would be his triumph over the troublesome man Jack.  The seven foot tall monarch lay in wait with his trusty sabre.


The wise wizard pointed to the hilltop.  So Jack could go and fight the king.  Manin the Clever returned to the palace and his magic tower, awaiting the outcome.  There he would protect the princess, what ever the outcome of the duel.  It was up to fate now.  Only he knew that humanity had a good chance of ruling that day.  Old Manin would cross all his fingers and toes.  Bury his head in his pointy black hat and pray.




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