good king!

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Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



The crowd gathered,


Finally, they questioned.

Questioned, and said,

"To whom must we be kind to"!


King Avdax shifted his weight,

tidied his cloak, and rose.

Corrected his crown, and approached.

Surveyed his subjects, and explained,

"To everyone! To everything"!

The crowd faltered.


"Be kind to the insect! Kind to the newborn creature, those that are flightless!

Be kind to the foreigner! Kind to the countryman, the absolute stranger!

Be kind to the venomous! Kind to those with fang, and claw! With thick hide,

or bright feather! Be kind to the relative! Kind to the friend, and foe alike! Those

with soul, and conscious mind! Be kind to the cardinal winds! Kind to the immortal rock,

and vast seas! The indomitable flame, and the endless intelligence of nature"!


"Be kind"!,

King Avdax exclaimed,

"To everyone! To everything"!


The gathered crowd faltered.

Finally, they exclaimed,

exclaimed and roared,


"Good king! Good king!"

"Good king! Good king!"

"Good king! Good king!"


Good king they roared.


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