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Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



If I had one day on this earth to live

I'd have lots to do, but it would be to you I'd give

I'd want you to wrap your strong arms around me tight

While I sing a song of angel voices in the night

I'd make passionate love to you all night long

Only after we talked about the billion things under the sun

All night I'd make you happy, all night it'd be fine

All night we'd hold each other and you'd be mine

You're body feels so good to me

I wish I could make the whole world see

I never want to let you go

But sometimes I'm scared-it seems you don't know

Sometimes I'll forget to breath

So maybe you won't have to leave

Sometimes when you're not with me and I get scared

I think maybe it's a joke, maybe you never cared

I'm scared of my own feelings-I've never felt them before

It makes my heart pound and all my senses soar

When you're not near me it makes me sad

But when you are and I can't touch you it drives me mad

I'd do anything to keep you mine

Hoping I'm the one who makes your heart pine

But even more I'd do to make you happy

Even if I wasn't the one who made you happy

You're really all I'll ever need

For your love, please don't make me plead

If I could choose one day in paradise

It'd be with you at the expense of every price

I can't explain the way I feel

Everyday it seems more unreal

Not bad-so good, this is all I'll ever need

This is definitely the way it's supposed to be indeed

Nothing so perfect could ever be wrong

Make it better and sColt with me all night long

I just want to know you love me and mean it

I hope it's there-I think I've seen it

Please don't go, please will you sColt?

I'd do anything even if there's a price to pay

Do you love me? Say you do

Make me believe it's really true

I know it's not fake-not this time around

Maybe we'll last forever-I hope it's bound

No one thought it'd be real with any guy

I used to fall asleep with a sad, crying sigh

Now I know what I've found and it's real

Just please make me believe this is how you truthfully feel


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