6 souls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
6 souls is a social awakening play to explain the different type of people living at various level of society. It makes realization about each one contribution for welfare and unity of society.
Characters :
A Narrator of play
Raj - a guide.
Jwalaprasad - a wealthy man.
Mahesh -the police inspector.
Manish – a reporter.
Vinay- a middle class person.
Ichadhari Baba – temple Idol

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



Drama :

 [A small ancient cave with an idol of human being placed upon the stone couch. The local treat it as idol of worship. Recently it has been excavated and has been made a tourist spot by government. Raj is guide who bring 4 different people 3,000 feet above the mountain to depict them a stone idol of Ichadhari baba]

Raj:- Please come ? Take a look at this cave. It is one of ancient cave built by tribe residing here way back in century. [He moves towards idol and takes look at it.] This is an old idol of Ichadhari Baba who has been famous for his wit and wisdom. The folk states that Baba use to fulfill wishes of people made by there heart. He took Samadhi here only. You can see idol looks real.

Manish: [Notes down everything] So, I have also heard that the idol fulfills the wishes of people arriving here.

Raj:[nods his head] Yes,It is true. People says on particular day of year the idol grants wishes of people. Oh my god ! Today is that auspicious day of year. Today if we make any wishes it will be fulfilled.

Vinay: Is that so? I don’t have any wishes. I am satisfied. But still I would worship him.[he kneels down before idol]

 Jwalaprasad : On my god ! What foolish  people are ? How could they think like this would ever happen in today’s century ? I can’t believe it? I came here with heed that the idol will be of some gold or silver metal or at least embedded  with some jewels but,it is made of stone. All my expenses has been ruined by coming here.

Manish: Well ! I don’t no whether it is truth or lie ? Nor do I need to ? My concern is only making people know about this idol. I would publish this article in tomorrow newspaper and make people know about it. But , JwalaPrasadji,Why don’t you try for some wish in front of it and check yourself about the truth?

JwalaPrasad : ok I will try it and show you all that this is only stupid local myth and nothing else. [Mahesh halts him]

Inspector Mahesh: Wait Sir! I am here to concern about your safety. It might be possible that someone has planted bomb over there for your death. First I would verify the place properly and then you can move ahead.[He removes gun from his pocket and points it to idol. Checks it from head to toe] Ok Sir You are safe to move ahead.

Jwalaprasad: Oh holy sire ! I don’t believe you but, still if you exist my wish is too be more richer then today I am. [Saying this he fells on ground due to heart attack]

Inspector Mahesh:[angrily and confused] Oh my God ! What has happened to Mr Jwala Prasad. He is death. Who did this ? You guide you brought us here.

Raj: Wait! Wait! [Pointing to vinay]That person went first over that idol he must have done something.

Inspector Mahesh:[threatening the Vinay] You tell me what have you sprinkled on that idol ? You are responsible for his death.

Vinay : [Begging for his life] I did nothing. It happened naturally. I just worshipped the lord.

Manish : Hey stop! [stood in between inspector and Vinay] You can’t blame him for his death. May be it is just respiratory blockage that occurs with several rich people when they are at height. Mr JwalaPrasad need doctor.

Inspector Mahesh:[angrily] Ok then you along with guide move down the mountain and bring a doctor. I would keep an eye on vinay.

[Manish was about to move with guide when he returns to idol]

Manish : [Kneeling before idol]I don’t know whether you fulfill people wishes or not. But my wish would has been granted as this incident would be at front page of newspaper. I came here only to have one wish. To become as popular as I can. [Saying this he dies at spot by heartattack]

Inspector Mahesh:[confused] Oh No ! What is this ? One more death. [looks strangely at idol] There is something wrong with this idol. It is leads to death of people. I would shoot it.[points gun at idol]

Raj: Stop ! Don’t do this ? if really this idol posses any such power it might be worth for us. We would make a news by publishing the notes made by Manish that we 3 found out this idol and will be famous in no time. There would be crowd gathering all over this place. But if you shoot at idol nobody would believe us and frame us for death of these 2 people as one of them is rich guy and other reporter.

Inspector Mahesh:[angrily] So what should I do ?

Vinay: We should go down and inform others or else bring doctor as they might not be dead as Manish said before. It may be respiratory blockage. They might be cured with immediate treatment. People would believe the truth. [To inspector] You came here for protection of Jwala Prasad and now you are against your duty. You can’t ignore your inner soul.

Raj: [To Inspector Mahesh] Don’t listen to him. He is moron. Think about the wealth and fame we would get from people.[He points finger at Vinay] Kill this guy or else He would make us go to jail. He would shatter our dreams.

[Inspector Mahesh get confused for moment. A silence is caught inside the cave. He could no longer make decision about whom to support]

Raj: Fine. [To Mahesh] You do whatever you want  go support him but, I want to become rich. I make wish to this idol that you should both be killed within minutes.[Saying this he himself is succumbed to death by heart attack]

[Both Inspector and Vinay became furious and sobs for death of there partners]

Inspector Mahesh :[In rage] This idol is responsible for what befell here. I would shoot it. [he triggers the gun but bullet does not emerges from it. he throws away the gun. Lifts up the stick and tries to knock the idol] I would sabotage you. [He dies with heart attack at that very moment.]

[All 4 body were spread over the region. Vinay sobs for all his friends death.]

Vinay:[Checks the gun and finds that it has bullet in it]It contains bullet then why Inspector could not fire at idol.[He knells before idol] I know you exist. I will trust you always. I have immense faith on you. Oh almighty! These are all people who contribute to my nation progress. I have no wishes when I aroused to spot but, now I have one wish that you should make them all alive in exchange of my soul. [Saying this he points gun at his head and shoots himself]

[The moment he shoots at himself. All people wakes up and he lay died at spot.]

Jwalaprasad : What ? What just happened here ? I am alive.

Inspector Mahesh :[Takes look at vinay body] Looks like he committed suicide but why he would do so ?

Idol :[opens its eyes] I would tell you why he did this ? To save fools like you he sacrificed his life.  He asked me wish and I granted him.

Jwalaprasad : What nonsense ? I too demanded before you. You felled to grant me. Then why would you grant him ?

Idol :[To Jwala prasad] I grant wish to only those people who ask wish with his heart. You were against belief of god. Inspite of being rich you still prefer getting more richer. So heartless like you I granted death with heart attack. [To Manish] You are reporter. Your duty is to makes people know what is beneficial and useful for them. You are the eyes and ears of nation but you are blind and deaf of fame and promotion. You were making story of person death. You too are heartless and hence, I made you die by heart attack. [To Inspector Mahesh] You are here to protect the common man and stand for justice but, you were trying to blame anyone you thought is responsible for crime. You never thought by heart but, only with greed. Hence you are heart less. [To guide] You symbolize the ministers of country who has job to guide but you turned to misguide the travelers by making them walking through wrong path. You too are heartless. [looking at body of vinay] Wake up my child ! You are the one who with heart worshipped me even when every one was against you. You are the true wish maker.

Idol : [standing on his feet] I am not an idol. I am the same sage who has been here in search of proper person who would take my position for several centuries and now I found the one. [He lifts up the Vinay and make him sit at his position.]Vinay,You are the true resider of this place. I grant you wish that in future whether or not this people would live or die you would always be here doing your duty. [Idol lives the place]

[All 4 people kneels before him. Each one of them comes front one by one]

Jwala Prasad : I am business man and I vow that I would give away the money minded thinking of mine and work for needy people. I would keep balance between rich and poor.

Manish : My duty is to make people know what is truth ? and [he tears away the notes collected by him]Truth is that news are for awakening not publicity.

Inspector Mahesh: I have important duty to fight for justice and wisdom. I vow that rather of being punisher,I would be savior of mankind. I myself would fulfill the wish of guaranteed safety to all.

Raj: I am tourist guide and also motivator. I would never ever misguide anyone by luring him with money or fame. I am one who has knowledge of place and I would pass it to others then only there would be no place in the world were person would fear of travelling.

 “Please purify your soul for future of mankind”.

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