Poor beast and a newspaper

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Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017




once upon a time there was a beast.He was the only beast left in jungle.He lived all alone in the little house made by himself.Everyday when he woke up he found a newspaper beside the last tree.He loved to read newspapers.One day, the beast woke up and went to see his newspaper.He picked it up and read it in his chair.He read something incredible.It was written:

Biggest news of year.A boy named Ryan is coming to examine the jungle.He is just there to see beauty of jungle.He will live in front of a little mystery house already build. He love newspaper and will come after few days.He hate inter ferrance.

The beast was happy to read this.He thought it would be nice if he will built a house for Ryan too.He collected some woods and built a house.Then everyday he put newspapers inside that house.One day beast was reading newspapers when suddenly he heard some voices from that other house.The light of that house was turned on which could be seen from window.Beast became so happy.He thought that maybe Ryan had arrived.He went outside and knocked the door but nobody opened then he remembered that newspaper on which it was written that Ryan hate inter ferrance.So the beast didn’t went inside that house.He just knocked and knocked but nobody opened.Then beast thought that maybe Ryan was tired so he slept.Beast took fruits from trees and laid them on Ryan’s door front.Nobody ever ate it.One day beast was reading newspaper when came a heavy storm with rain.That could easily destroy their houses.Beast left his house and safe Ryan’s house.He didn’t let Ryan’s house break.But his own house was all broke into pieces.Every time there came problems in jungle and beast always saved Ryan’s house.He didn’t ever thought about himself.Many weeks passed but Ryan never showed up.One day beast thought that he should give a newspaper to Ryan.So, he went to his door.This time he heard strange voices from inside.Beast kicked the door In order to safe Ryan.What he saw, that there was no Ryan.The whole house was empty.Suddenly a cage came from somewhere and beast was locked in.The beast was so disappointed.He became sad.Suddenly a man wearing police suit came inside and told beast that :


By Aleeha Zahid


© Copyright 2017 aleeha. All rights reserved.

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