All Along

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One woman search for happiness, in rhyme.

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



 In the town of 700 she was queen

Curved in righteous places --- and girly lean.

A very pretty woman that outwitted all the vermin

Getting all the things she wanted, with very little green.


Satin blouses without a bra was standard fair

Two buttons never buttoned, down to there.

Her favorite thing was lace to accentuate her face

On a upscale summer hat, worn upon her flowing hair.


Yes, in a town of 700 she came first

But in competition-city, the bubble burst.

No, there was no doubt, it chewed her up and spit her out

Leaving her still hungry. --- A feeling that she cursed.


So she changed and learned to twist a well placed lie

She took her lumps and kept climbing toward the sky.

Knocked to the ground, the bell rang, another round

Then she'd rise --- to give it another try.


Her priorities changed, as a decade passed on by.

Yes she made it to her pillow in the sky.

But she cashed it all in and headed home again

And to this day, --- many wonder why.


Years have passed, and now she loves to belong.

As she says, "Life’s a happy little song.

We are doing very fine in this little town of mine.

Because, being Mom --- was what I wanted all along."


JE Falcon --- 07-01-2017

© Copyright 2018 JE Falcon. All rights reserved.

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