Someone To Watch Over Me

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I have come to believe over the years that when we lose a loved one, they are still with us. They may not be in a physical body, but their soul and spirit is still alive.It has taken me many years to finally accept that I am being looked after, along with my daughter Rosie.

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



When Rosie moved schools, it was like having a trip down memory lane for me. Where her school was held lots of joyful and happy memories for me as a child.

We walk to school and back everyday. On our journey we pass by where my father John used to work when I was little. I can remember going with my mother to meet my dad and then going in the little paper shop just a few doors down.

Further along our journey to school we pass an old fire station that is now a car repair and mot centre. My mother Margaret is from Ireland and her best friend Charlie McFadden  from the same  town was a fireman here. He lived in a house with his wife and two daughters on a street just around the corner. I knew this house well as my mother would drop me off here as a little girl as she worked at an old cinema that later became a bingo hall.

Further up the road we pass a house that My Aunty Eileen and Uncle Oliver used to live in. I visited and stayed here quite a lot after my mum died. Eileen is my mums sister and Oliver is my dads brother. Two brothers married two sisters, so my cousins are like double cousins.

A House Filled With Love

Gladstone Street

The white house you see here, no 17, is the house that my mother and father lived in when they first came to Loughborough my home town. We pass it everyday on our journey. In this house lived my parents and brothers,my great grandma,grandparents and aunties and uncles also. I think my dad said that there were 15 people in this house at one time.

Mum and dad sold the house and my Aunty Mary and Uncle John bought it. Mary is my mums sister and like my mum she had three boys and a girl. I would go here with my mother and visit my cousins. We would dance around in the living room and then go to the shop just down the road.

I think you can now see  a picture emerging here that some of my strongest happy memories are here and that my family have all been around here. Some are still alive and others are not. But either way they are still with me.

When I feel a bit down or upset I put my hand on the wall of no 17 and talk to my family to help give me strength. One day on the way back from school I saw this.


It says McCormick on it. This is my mothers Maiden name. Not a popular name and the chances of seeing that name are very remote. A message to me from her.

Hand on heart I can say that I am blessed. Blessed to be alive, but also blessed with a gift that I see things like this that help me.

Maybe in your life’s you can think about things that may have happened to you, that are similar to me and perhaps think also “Someone Is Watching Over Me”

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