This Is Forever (third book in series)

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - chapter ten

Submitted: July 11, 2017

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Submitted: July 11, 2017



After avoiding André’s guilty eyes for most of the day I  manage to go without talking to him. He’s lucky I have restrained from speaking to him. I’m still very angry at him for putting me in this position with Tristan. I know it’s not right but I have also decided that it is partly André’s fault for my being so bitchy to Tristan this morning. If I let myself take all the blame for it then I wouldn’t have made it through the day. I probably would have wound up going to Tristan’s work and crying to him for at least an hour until he forgave me. I actually went and had a quick cry in the bathroom when he sent over a lunch for me even after all I said to him this morning. But now the workday is over and I don’t have the awkward glances that I make with André ever so often to keep reminding me of who I am blaming this on. So I pretty much feel like crap without the little weasel's face popping up ever so often. 
I make it to my car, making sure to be extra careful. Just because I was mean to Tristan this morning doesn’t mean that his words about me being more careful haven’t sunk in. I quickly turn up the heat and grab my phone out of my purse. I need to make this right with Tristan as soon as possible even if it means telling him what happened. I can’t believe I just left this morning. I click call and wait for him to answer which he does after longer than usual.
“Hi,” I say quietly. 
“Hey, crazy. Feel like yelling at me some more?” 
I sigh and feel even more guilty. 
“I’m sorry, Tristan. I don’t know what got into me.”
“I do,” he says matter of factly. “You aren’t telling me something.” 
“Your right. I’m not telling you something,” I sigh. 
“Well, what is it? You have to tell me because my imagination is scaring the crap out of me right now.”
“It’s not as bad as your thinking, I promise. I’ll tell you when you get home from work.”
“Ok, then I’m coming home now,” he says.
“Your CEO privileges really don’t have any bounds do they?” I ask.
“You know they don’t. I’ll see you soon.”
“Ok, bye.” I hang up and pull out of the parking lot. 
I arrive home after Tristan who I find pacing around the living room.
“Hey,” I say as I take my coat off and put my purse down.
“What is it?” he asks as he walks over to me. 
“You're very persistent,” I say, trying and failing to lighten the mood.
“Kate,” he warns. “Why were you running through the parking lot at work?” 
“We should sit,” I say because my heels have been killing me all day, and make my way over to the living room. He follows me and slowly sits down on the other side of the couch. I hate the space he has put between us. 
“I was running after André,” I sigh.
“André? Why would you be running after André?” He says his name like he killed his whole family… or shoved his tongue down his pregnant Fiancé’s throat. 
“Things have been weird between us lately,” I say.
“Why do you think that is?”
“I don’t know. Because I told him I got engaged.” I mumble it guiltily and decide not to inform Tristan that I didn’t even tell André that I got engaged.
“Yeah,” he nods. “I’d say that would make things weird between you two.” 
“Tristan, you have to understand that I really thought that we were just friends,” I say and move closer to him.
“And what changed?”
“What do you mean?”
“You said thought. What changed your mind?” He asks as if deep down he already knows what changed my mind and I’m guessing he does. I look down and sigh. How am I supposed to tell him this? I hastily peak my eyes up at him and see that I don’t have to. I can tell he has figured it out by the look on his face. He clears his throat and I can tell that he is trying to calm himself down. 
“Did you… reciprocate?”
I shoot my head up in shock and shake my head furiously. 
“No, of course not. I told him to back off and haven’t spoken to him since.” I’m mad and confused. Why would he think I would kiss him back?
“Ok,” he nods and I get even more confused. That’s it?
He stands and I watch him walk into the kitchen. I follow him with a gaping mouth. 
“That’s it?” I ask the question that was fighting its way through my body. 
“What do you mean?” he asks a little more aggressively than I would have expected after his “Ok” from just a second ago. 
“I’m just a little shocked that you are ok,” I say quietly.
“Jesus, Kate. What do you want from me? You’d be mad if I got mad but now you're mad that I’m not mad?” His words confuse me so I chose to focus on the most shocking part of it.
“So you’re not mad?” I ask, raising my eyebrows. 
“Of course I’m fucking mad, Kate!” I flinch at his angry voice. “You’re my Fiancé. Why wouldn’t I be mad?” he asks a little calmer. 
“I don’t know,” I mumble. 
“Do I have to speak to him?” 
“No, I took care of it.” I shake my head and look at my feet. I hear him sigh but I continue to look down, not wanting to look him in the eye right now.
“Come here.”
I look up and waste no time before I run over to him, right into his waiting arms.
“I’m so sorry,” I cry into his arms.
“Don’t be sorry. It will just make me want to punch his face in even more than I already do,” he says into my hair. 
“Ok,” I mumble and revel in the feel of being in his arms. “I do have to say sorry for what I said to you this morning.”
“Ok, I’ll accept that apology,” he says and I laugh.
“Thank you,” I say.
“Your welcome. Are you hungry?”  
“Yes,” I answer a little too quickly.
“Did you eat the lunch I sent in?” he asks as he releases me and looks in the fridge.
“Yes,” I answer as I take a seat on one of the stools at the bar. "Thank you for sending it in."
"You are most welcome. What do you want?”
“I don’t care. Surprise me. I'm going to go call my mom about tomorrow,” I say as I get off the stool and go to get my phone from my purse. 
“Ok,” he calls as I make my way to our bedroom. 
I dial my mom and wait for her to answer as I search the drawers of my dresser for a pair of sweatpants. 
“Hello, honey,” my mom answers. 
“Hey, mom”
“How was your day?” she asks and I almost laugh because it was pretty much crap.
“It was fine,” I answer instead.
“Have you been enjoying your new job?”
“Yeah, it’s much better than the milkshake shop,” I answer dryly.
“That’s good to hear.”
“Do you have any plans for tomorrow?” I ask.
“No, why do you ask?’
“Tristan and I were thinking about coming to visit for the day.”
“Really? That’s great to hear but is there a reason for this visit?” she asks suspiciously. 
“We haven’t seen each other since we got engaged. Plus I want to speak to May, Jacks, and Lilly about it. Have you told them?” I’m really hoping my mom says yes because I have been dreading it. I know they like Tristan but I don’t know how they would feel about me getting married.
“Yes, Dad and I told them a few days ago.”
“How did they react?”
“I don’t know. They didn’t seem either upset or mad about it.”
“Why would they be upset or angry?” That is the last reaction I would have expected. 
“Oh, I don’t know. I thought maybe they would be upset that you were growing up but they weren’t so it doesn’t matter. I told Luke too.”
“What did he say?” I ask.
“He said he wants to get to know Tristan better but he is happy for you.” 
“I guess that’s good to hear. So, it’s ok if we come?”
“Yes, of course. I’m so excited to see the happy soon to be husband and wife,” she squeals.
“I’m sure you are, mom. I have to go, Tristan is making dinner. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Ok, I love you.”
“Love you too, mom.”
I hang up and get changed into my sweatpants and a sugar lip then take my contacts out. I find Tristan in the kitchen setting a plate filled with quesadillas on the counter. 
“We really need to go shopping. We have no food,” he says when he sees me.
I take a seat at one of the stools and pick up a quesadilla.
“I can go on Wednesday,” I suggest.
“Kate, today is Wednesday,” he says as he comes and sits down next to me. 
“Really? I thought it was Tuesday.” I take a bite out of my food, feeling very confused. 
“Did your mom say it was ok?” 
“Yeah. She also told me that she told all my siblings about us getting engaged.”
“What did they say?” 
“My mom said they are ok with it,” I shrug as I finish off my first quesadilla and reach for another. 
“I should really get to know them better,” he mutters as he starts eating. 
“It's hard to when we live far away,” I say because that's the excuse I'm using to make myself feel better. 
“Will they be there tomorrow?” 
“It depends on how long we stay because they have school but we are probably going to have to stay long anyway because my dad has work.”
“Ok, then we will stay over,” he says.
“No, we don’t need that awkwardness again. I want to tell them and then be able to leave them to think about it without us there.”
“How do you think they will take it?”
“I don’t know to be completely honest. I mean they have always wanted my siblings and me to live our own lives but this might be different,” I mumble as I shove more food into my mouth. As I’m eating it I realize how good and non-burnt it is.
“Hey, this is good. You do know how to cook.” I nudge his shoulder and smile.
“I don’t really count quesadillas as cooking but I’m definitely learning.”
“Yes you are,” I agree and smile. 
After we are done eating we curl up in bed and watch tv until I fall asleep. I am enjoying my sleep until I wake up to my stomach turning. I quickly fall out of bed and run across the dark bedroom. I made it to the toilet just in time to spill my dinner out of my mouth. I continue to heave even after my stomach is empty. I hear Tristan’s pitiful voice in the background but I can’t make out what he’s saying over my gaging. My hair is gently pulled away from my face and my back is being tenderly rubbed until my heaves finally stop. I rest my head on my arm and catch my breath.
“Uhh, I thought I was done with morning sickness,” I moan and remember the two weeks of vomiting after every meal I ate. “Remember we read that it was supposed to stop during my third month?” I ask as I lift my head and look at him.
“No, we read that it is supposed to decrease during your third month.” He strokes my cheek and fixes a piece of my hair behind my ear. After looking down at me pitifully for a few moments he helps me stand and guides me back to bed then leaves the room, coming back with a glass of water. I take a small sip and go to put it down but Tristan’s scowl stops me. I sigh and drink the rest of the glass slowly then lay back down. 
“Are you feeling better?” he asks as he comes to cuddle up behind me. 
“Kind of,” I mumble.
“Go to sleep, beautiful,” he says and kisses my shoulder. Then I happily do just what he told me to do.

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