This Is Forever (third book in series)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - chapter twelve

Submitted: July 13, 2017

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Submitted: July 13, 2017



After the news we gave my parents my dad decided to skip work altogether so that we could go out to lunch. It was a surprisingly enjoyable lunch except when my mom hounded me with questions about the wedding. We really should start talking about it together because I honestly have no idea what Tristan wants. He was too distracted talking about boring things with my dad to help me out with my mom but I'm not mad. It's awesome to see Tristan getting along with my parents. It makes me wish even more that Tristan's mom would like me. But I can't really see that happening anytime soon. 
After lunch, we went home and I got dragged away with my mom when my dad took Tristan to show him his old sports car that he has had locked away in the shed out back for as long as I can remember. My mom leads me down to the basement and I have no idea why. 
“I'm so happy that I didn't listen to your father when he told me to throw all this stuff out,” she says as she opens the door to the room that we use for storage. 
“What stuff?” I ask.
“Your old baby things,” she says like I should have known that that was what she was talking about. 
“Oh,” I mumble as she starts digging through boxes. 
“What do you think the gender is?” 
“At first I thought a boy but now I'm thinking a girl.” I rub my stomach and smile. 
“Did you guys think of any names?” 
“Yes, we were thinking Ava. After Tristan's sister,” I add and my mom stops her rummaging and turns to look at me. 
“I didn't know he has a sister.” 
“She died when Tristan was a teenager,” I say as the usual sadness I feel about the subject creeps into my body. 
“Oh, that's awful. How did it happen?” she asks gently.
“She got hit by a car.” My voice actually cracks and I have to hold back from crying. I know my sudden sadness isn't because of hormones. I hate that this happened to Tristan and his family. I wish I could have met her. 
“Oh my God," my mom gasps. I clear my throat and swallow the lump that has formed. 
“It was a long time ago.” I take notice in the fact that I said the same thing Tristan always says when people feel pitiful. 
“Honey, you will understand soon that losing a child is the worse possible thing that could ever happen. Just thinking about one of you guys getting hurt is terrible. It isn't something that you could ever get over, no matter how much time passes.” She rubs my arm and watches me closely for a moment then goes back to moving boxes around when I don't say anything. I'm too busy thinking to say anything. My mom's words buzz around in my head as I think back to Tristan's mom. He told me once that Ava was the princess of his family. Why did I never think that Tristan's mom acted this way because she lost her daughter? I'm deciding right here, right now to give her another chance. 
After my mom has dragged out all sorts of baby things I convince her to hold off on giving me any clothes until we know the gender of the baby. I did accept the old crib that me and all my siblings used. I remember when Lilly and May used it. I also agreed on taking the matching changing table and rocking chair. We make sure that Tristan and my dad put it in the car before the kids come home from school. We agreed to wait to tell them for a little bit. I don't know how long but my mom thinks it's best for now. 
I go with my mom to pick up Jackson, May, and Lilly from the bus stop, leaving Tristan with my dad. I have no idea how they still have things to talk about together but I'm ok with them getting used to each other. 
“Do they know I am here?” I ask when my mom stops the car at the top of the street. 
“No, I figured you'd be gone by the time they got home,” she says as the bus pulls up in front of us. I smile and get out of the car. 
“Hey guys,” I say when the three of them are off the bus. 
“Kate!” Lilly gasps and runs into my arms. 
“Hey lil,” I say as I hug her and stroke her hair. I look up at Luke and May when they reach us.
“What are you doing here?” May asks with a small smile. 
“Tristan and I wanted to come see you guys,” I say as we walk back over to the car.
“Where is Tristan now?” Jacks asks.
“He's at home with dad,” I say as I help Lilly into the car. 
“Hey kids,” my mom says when I get back into the passenger seat. They all respond their hellos to my mom as she starts the car. 
“How was school?” she asks. 
“Fine,” May and Jacks answer then Lilly breaks into a full on report about her whole day. 
By the time we are home Lilly is still talking.
“Are you guys staying over?” May asks as we walk inside. 
“No, we both have work tomorrow but we will stay for a little longer,” I respond as I open the back door. 
I go in search for Tristan and my dad, finding them in the basement looking at a fishing rod. A fishing rod. I will never understand men. 
“Katherine, you didn't tell me he liked to fish,” my dad says as I walk over to them. I just shrug because I am still kind of confused.
“Are the kids home?” my dad asks.
“Yeah,” I nod. 
“Ok, well I'm gonna go upstairs. We can talk about this more later, Tristan,” he says and nods in Tristan's direction.
“Ok,” Tristan smiles. 
I watch him walk up stairs then turn to Tristan.
“What will you talk about later?” I ask.
“Oh, you know. Men stuff,” he shrugs and smiles down at me. 
“I don't think I do know,” I say and lean up to kiss him. “We should go soon,” I say against his lips. 
“Ok, but we promised we would stay for dinner,” he reminds me. 
“I think my mom is making it now.” 
“Ok, then let's get up there,” he says and grabs my shoulders to turn me around. 
When we get back upstairs Lilly is on us in a second. 
“Hi, Tristan,” she says as she skips over to us. 
“Hi, Lilly. Did you have fun at school?” he asks down to her. 
“Shouldn't have asked that,” I whisper when I see Lilly preparing her words. He flicks me a glance then Lilly starts telling him everything she said on the car ride home, almost word for word. 
I leave Tristan with Lilly and help my mom with dinner. We make spaghetti and meatballs which is a pretty regular meal in my house since my mom can’t cook. I go in search for everyone as my mom sets the table. I find Tristan with Luke and Lilly in the living room. I interrupt Jacks explaining a video game to Tristan and Lilly making a mess with her toys. Tristan looks up at me and smiles slightly.
“Dinner is ready,” I say to all of them even though I’m still staring at Tristan. Lilly gets up off the ground and runs out of the room. 
“You guys coming?” I ask Jacks and Tristan. 
“Yeah,” Jacks says as he puts his controller down. 
“I”m gonna go find May,” I say to Tristan as they follow me out of the room. 
“Ok,” he says as he follows Jacks into the kitchen, 
After I get May we all sit around the table, eating. 
“Hey, Kate,” Jacks calls to get my attention so I stop eating and look at him “Do you remember that guy you slapped when you were in eighth grade?” he asks. I freeze and glance over at Tristan. I find him raising his eyebrows and smiling.
“Why, Jackson?” I sigh. 
“What was his name?” he asks, ignoring my obvious annoyance.
“I don’t remember. Ryan something, I think.” 
“Was it Ryan Neil?” he asks.
“Yeah, maybe. Why?”
“Because my gym teacher had a baby a few days ago and they hired someone named Ryan Neil to take over for her,” he says with a smile. 
“Oh, great. He’s gonna love you,” I chuckle.
“He doesn't trust me. When I heard his name it sounded familiar so I made sure to tell him my last name. I swear he was about to sh-”
“Jackson,” both my parents warn him. 
“You slapped someone in eighth grade?” Tristan asks, clearly very amused by this new information.
“Yes, I did,” I say and try to cover my smile. I hear May, Jacks and Lilly laughing but I’m too focused on Tristan. 
“It was not funny. Kate had to go to detention every day for two weeks,” my mom scolds. “Tell them, Kate,” she says to me. 
“Yeah it was awful,” I say. “But totally worth it,” I whisper to them, causing May and Lilly to laugh harder and my mom to scowl at me. 
“Why did you slap him?” Tristan asks with a laugh. 
“Because he was a total dick-” I stop myself when I catch my mom's scowl deepening. “He was a very annoying person,” I say instead. “Are you scared?” I ask him with a smile.
“Absolutely terrified,” he responds quietly. 
“Good,” I mouth back. 


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