This Is Forever (third book in series)

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - chapter twenty two

Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



Right when I find Tristan standing under the big tree that we had lunch under a few weeks ago I have tears streaming down my face. He smiles and holds his hand out to me and I close the distance between us, noticing a man in a suit standing closely by us. I smile at him and Tristan introduces us, saying that he agreed to marry us. I have no idea where Tristan found him but I don’t care enough to ask. 
Everything that happens after that is a haze of tears and happiness. I keep my teary vision fixated on Tristan’s smiling face until I’m asked if I will take Tristan to be my lawful wedded husband and I say I do. He tells me not to cry and wipes a tear from my cheek but it just makes me cry more especially when he says I do. 
Then the man who’s name I have already forgotten begins speaking but I really can’t concentrate on anything other than Tristan in this moment. Tristan squeezes my hands and I realize that the man has just asked me to repeat after him. I say what he says then Tristan does the same. Tristan then releases one of my hands to reach into his pocket. He unwraps two rings from a black cloth and hands one to me. Then the man is speaking some more and Tristan is copying after him then sliding a ring on my finger. He squeezes my hand and adjusts the rings so they are perfect then I gently slide the ring on his finger, repeating the words the man is saying as I do. 
After that, the man says what I’ve been dying to hear.
“By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.” Then Tristan’s lips are on mine and my arms are around his neck. It’s the perfect kiss that seals our marriage.
Our lips separate when I hear clapping coming from around us. I look around and notice that people have stopped their walks and runs and are now smiling and clapping us on. I smile up at Tristan and he wipes another tear from my cheek.
“Hi, Mrs. Osborne,” he whispers and a huge smile appears on his face. 
“I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“Not possible.” I shake my head and Tristan’s lips crash against mine again.
We force ourselves to stop kissing for long enough to thank the officiant then watch him walk away. Then we just stand under the tree for I don’t even know how long. We just stay tightly wrapped together and it’s perfect. The sounds of trees blowing and waterfalls with the occasional bird singing surround us. I never want this day to end. 
It’s my shivering that breaks us from our trance. Tristan releases me to take his suit jacket off then slides my arms in it. 
“Thanks,” I say and pull it tighter around me. 
“We should go home. I believe we have some consummating to do,” Tristan says and takes my hand. We begin walking slowly back towards the parking lot. Our hands rock back and forth between us as we look around at the beautiful place Tristan has picked for us to begin our married life at. I smile when I see little flurries of snow begin to peacefully fall down on us. I look up at Tristan and find a big smile shining down at me. 
“Come on. It’s freezing,” he says as he hauls me into his arms and carries me like I’m an infant for the rest of the walk to the entrance. When we get there he places me gently on the ground then manages to hail a taxi. I’m tucked gently inside then he comes around to sit next to me. He calls out our address to the driver then pulls me against his side. I rest my head on his shoulder as he plays around with my wedding rings until we reach our apartment building. We both can’t stop smiling as we walk through the lobby. Everyone stops and smiles along with us, offering a congratulation or telling me I look beautiful. It almost makes me feel bad for never trying to get to know any of our neighbors. We must look like the snobby rich couple who doesn’t care about anyone else because we live in the fancy penthouse. 
Right when the elevator doors shut I’m thrust up against the door with Tristan’s lips on mine. He slides his arms up my leg and moans when he feels the garter belt that is hidden under the lacy tulle of my dress. I grab at his back as he sucks my tongue and moves his hand farther up my body until he is rubbing me through the white lace underwear I am wearing. I groan and move my hips along with his hand. Thank God no one else comes in because I don’t know if we would be able to stop for anyone. When the elevator doors open to the penthouse Tristan lifts me and I wrap my legs around his waist as best as I can with my dress. He carries us in then pushes my back against the first wall he finds. 
I pull my fingers through his hair as he grabs the back of my head and holds our lips tightly together. I feel him reaching around my back and feel around for the buttons. 
“They are tricky,” I moan against his lips, referring to the twenty-eight buttons going down my back. He groans then carries me further into the penthouse, placing me down when we are in the bedroom. Our lips separate reluctantly then his suit jacket comes off me and he takes the roses from my hands then turns me around, getting to work on the buttons. By the time his fingers have finally undone all of them I am itching with need. My whole body aches for him to be inside me. 
He slides his hands under the dress and onto my shoulder then urges it down my arms. It slides down my body and I hear a sharp intake of breath come from behind me. I turn my head and see Tristan looking my body up and down, breathing heavily with his mouth partly open. His eyes find mine and I smile.
“How am I married to you?” he asks and I chuckle then turn around and begin undoing his bow tie. I pull it from around his neck and throw it on the ground then reach for the buttons of his vest then shirt. When I have all of them done I help him out of them then our lips go back together. Our lips work almost viciously as I reach my hand for Tristan’s belt. I fumble around with it until I have it undone then my hands go for his zipper. I moan when Tristan's tongue dances around with mine and he reaches up to cups my breasts. He kneads them in his fingers and I dig my hands under his boxers and grab him firmly in my hand. His breath hitches as I run my hand up and down then roll my thumb over his tip. I continue this rotation until he growls and shoves me back against the bed. I land on my back, breathing heavily and looking up at him. I lick my lips as his eyes sear my body with the most intense look I have ever seen. I moan and arch my back just from the way he is looking at my body. When his eyes reach mine again he takes a step towards the bed and stalks taller over me. Our eyes stay locked as he reaches down and unclips the garter belt. I lift my hips when he grabs my lacy underwear and pulls them down my legs. 
I watch as Tristan kicks off his shoes and pushes his pants down, his boxers going with them. I groan and he climbs on the bed and hovers over me. We stare at each other as Tristan slowly sinks inside me until he is as deep as he can be inside me. I arch my back and he begins moving in and out of me. I want to throw my head back and close my eyes but I can’t stop looking into his eyes. It’s like they have me captured and I hope they never let me go. I lift my hand and run my fingers down his cheek.
Tristan’s pace picks ups until he is pounding into me. I clench around him, letting out a loud moan then explode around him. My fingers tangle into his hair as I fall from my climax and Tristan’s begins. He calls my name then plunges deep inside me and spills himself. 
The spell on our eyes breaks and Tristan rolls off me and onto his side because I’m guessing he got tired of trying to hold himself up. I flip on my side and run my fingers through his hair. A laugh escapes my mouth when I catch sight of my silver wedding ring. 
“What?” Tristan asks with a smile and I laugh harder.
“We got married,” I say and he chuckles. 
“Yes, we did.” He tugs me closer and runs his hands down my body. “And I don’t think we did enough consummating.” I feel him still hard against me and I smile. 
“I think your right.”
By the time Tristan and I fall apart from each other I have completely lost count of how many times we came. I can’t even imagine what time it is and I have no desire to know. I realize that I never called work after my lunch with Tristan’s mom yesterday and I didn’t call them this morning. So I just skipped a day and a half without telling them and I really don’t care. Maybe they will fire me and I won’t have to quit. 
I cuddle closer to Tristan and decide not to worry about it. 
“I am so hungry,” I mumble into his chest. 
“We don’t have food and you ate the rest of the ice cream.” His hand runs through my hair which must look like I just got back from living in the woods for two weeks. “Do you want me to order something? It’s probably about dinner time.”
“No. I will not let our first meal as married people to be take out.” I sit up and try to tame my hair. He wraps his arms around my hips and kisses the side of my ribs.
“Where do you think you're going?” he asks against my skin when I try to move away from him.
“I’m gonna go to the store and get something to make for us.”
“No,” he moans and tightens his arms around my hips. “Stay with me. We can order something.”
“Tristan, we already decided to up and get married last night lets at least do this right.” I pry his arms off me and stand. 
“Our wedding was perfect, don’t act like it wasn’t.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. Of course, our wedding was beyond perfect.” I run my hand through his mussed hair and kiss him. “Now let me make it even better by making you a fancy dinner with champagne,” I whisper against his lips.
“Fine, but I’m coming with you.” I move for him so he can get off the bed and stand next to me.
“No, I want it to be a surprise. I’ll be super fast.” I walk over to my dresser and take out a pair of underwear and a bra. 
“Kate,” he groans dramatically as I slip my underwear on. “I don’t want to be away from you. The fact that you are putting on clothes right now makes me very mad.” I chuckle and put my bra on. 
“I think you can control yourself for fifteen minutes. I’ll be sure to be naked right when I step back into the door.” 
“You better be.” 


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