This Is Forever (third book in series)

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - epilouge

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Submitted: July 29, 2017



Six Years Later…
I wake to the sound of my second oldest, Luke calling for me. I quickly close my eyes and pretend I didn't hear him when I feel Tristan stirring behind me. I’m guessing he’s doing the same thing as me because he still hasn’t tried to get up to go see what’s wrong. 
“I believe your child is calling for you, beautiful,” his sleepy and amused voice says into my back from where he is spooning me. I moan in annoyance.
“I went last time” I remind him. 
“Yes, and you went and brought him back with you after we agreed that he isn’t going to learn if we allow him to sleep with us every time he has a nightmare.”
“I’m sorry, are you the eight months pregnant one?” I ask and move my whale sized self around so I can face him as another cry for me fills the room. I look at him in the darkness, refusing to give in on this one. 
“Ugh, fine,” he moans and climbs out of our bed. I smile and get comfortable again. 
“I love you,” I sing. 
“This has to be our last one,” he mutters as he opens our bedroom door. 
“You say that every time,” I call as he walks out of the room. I close my eyes and get ready to doze back off when my fourth baby decides he wants to start kicking me. I moan and lay my hand on my stomach. 
“Come on Ben. Mommy needs sleep,” I say but he continues moving around like crazy. 
I close my eyes and try to ignore him as the bedroom door opens again. I smile when I hear two sets of footsteps coming towards the bed. One of them is obviously Tristan’s and the other must belong to a certain four-year-old little boy who has been waking up in the middle of the night almost every night lately. 
“Is mommy sleeping?” he asks as Tristan lifts him onto the bed. 
“Yes, so we have to be super quiet so she doesn’t wake up.” I feel his small body curl up behind me then Tristan’s arm wrapping around the both of us. I turn to face them and kiss Luke’s head. 
“Oh no, daddy. We woke her up,” Luke says quietly and I smile. 
“Go to sleep, Luke,” I say and grab Tristan’s hand and lay it on my stomach so he can feel his son moving about. 
“I think it was your little brother who woke her, Luke,” Tristan whispers and I feel Luke’s hand feeling around for my huge baby bump. Tristan grabs his wrist and gently places his hand on my stomach. Ben giggles and I close my eyes. 
My kids love watching their brother kick. Especially Ava and Luke who understand more. Emma, our two year just finds it very confusing. She can’t seem to get the idea that her little brother is growing in there. 
I wake up again and find that there are now four people sleeping in my bed. I sigh and run my hand through Ava’s knotty hair. It’s not going to be fun trying to brush this out later. She looks up at me with her dad’s beautiful blue-ish green eyes and I smile.
“Good morning, baby,” I say down to her and she smiles.
“Morning, mommy.” She sprawled herself across her dad’s chest so she can stretch out her back.
“When did you join the party, Ava,” Tristan asks her after I watch his eyes open and find mine then him smile at me. 
“I don’t know,” she mumbles as Luke cuddles closer into my side. 
“Come on, buddy,” I say down to him and move his brown hair away from his forehead. All my kids got my hair and their dad’s amazing eyes, making them all a perfect mix of the both of us. “We’re going to visit grandma, uncle Jay, and Aunt Rachel today,” I remind him and he stretches out next to me. 
Tristan climbs out of the bed and I catch sight of his naked chest. Unlike me, who has a mom body, Tristan has kept his body just as perfect as it was when I met him. We never lost our burning desire for each other even though we have three, almost four kids together. His eyes find mine and he dazzles me with a big smile and raised eyebrows. He shakes his head in amusement then grabs Ava and throws her over his shoulder. 
“Come on, beautiful. Let’s go make mommy some breakfast,” he says to her then leans over to kiss me. 
“Ew,” Luke squeals when he sees us and we laugh. 
“Good morning, beautiful,” he says quietly. 
“Good morning, handsome,” I say as I stroke his cheek. 
“Bacon?” he asks and I smile and nod. 
“Coming right up.” He squeezes Ava’s toe and she laughs as they walk out of the room.
I watch them leave with a smile on my face then look down at my sleepy little boy cuddled next to me. 
“Come on, buddy. How about you help me wake your sister,” I say as I struggle my way out of the bed. He jumps down after me and I take his hand to lead him down the hall to his sister's room. We walk in and find her with her pacifier in her mouth. I sigh when I see her trying to climb out of her crib. All of my kids learned that trick way too early. I drop Luke’s hand and rush over to her before her feet hit the ground.
“What did I say about climbing out of your crib, Emma?” I say and she just giggles. I can tell that she is going to be trouble already. I kiss her on the head and set her on the ground. 
“Let’s get you dressed,” I say and take the pacifier out of her mouth. “We are driving to New York today,” I tell them.
“I don’t want to go,” Ben says with a pout as he takes a seat on the ground. 
“Why? We’ll get to see grandma, Uncle Jay, and Aunt Rachel,” I remind him. He shrugs and plays with one of Emma's toys that is laying on the ground. 
I quickly change Emma into her green pants and white sweater, having to remind myself that fall in the city is colder than it is here. After she’s done getting dressed I watch her closely as she takes the steps one at a time. Tristan is at the bottom of the steps waiting for her by the time she is done. He smiles and takes her in his arm, kissing her cheek and spinning her around in a circle. I smile when I hear her little giggles.
“The breakfast smells good,” I tell Tristan from the top step. 
“Ava and I are making bacon and pancakes,” he says as Emma smiles up at me.
“Can’t wait. Send her up when your done,” I say as I take Luke’s hand and lead him to his room. 
After Tristan and I explained the importance of shoes to all of the kids because they were fighting us when we were trying to leave, we finally get them all in the car. Tristan grabs my hand and helps my big body into the car then kisses my temple and closes the door. I quickly check behind me to see that the three of them are all buckled in then watch Tristan sit down behind the wheel. 
“Are we ready to go?” he asks all of us. 
“I think so,” I say with a smile and lay my hand on his thigh. He looks over at me and smiles.
“Ok, let’s do this,” he says then leans over to kiss me. 
We pull away from the house we have been living in for the last five years. We stayed at the penthouse in New York until Ava was about one. She was started to get walking down and Tristan didn’t feel good about the thought of her growing up in the city. It was too close to home for him so we moved closer to my parent's house. We’ve been happily living in the suburbs ever since. 
I tighten my grip on Tristan’s thigh when a small discomfort shoots through my stomach. Tristan’s head flies over to look at mine. 
“What's wrong?” he asks as he glances back and forth from me and the road. 
“Nothing. The baby must have hiccups or something.” I rub my stomach as the pain fades away.
“He’s been kicking a lot.” 
“So what?” I say even though I know where this conversation is going.
“Remember Emma started kicking like crazy the morning that you went into labor.”
“Tristan I still have a week and a half.”
“Yeah but all of our kids have come about a week early. Maybe we should just stay home,” he mutters and I sigh. 
“Do not use your son as an excuse for getting out of seeing your mom. She hardly ever sees them anymore.”
“Fine, but we are seeing her first so that we can use Jay and Rachel as an excuse for leaving early.”
“Now you are using your brother and my best friend as an excuse.”
“I guess am I,” he sighs. 
“Ooo daddy turn it up,” Ava says from the back seat. He leans over and turns the radio up and our six-year-old starts singing along with the song that is on. 
I am beyond thankful when we arrive at Tristan’s mom's apartment building. All the kids are antsy and Emma has been crying for the last half hour. Tristan scoops Emma and Luke up right when I have them out of their car seats. 
“Hold mommy's hand, Ava,” he says when she jumps out of the car. I’m guessing him not wanting to come today also had something to do with his uneasiness with the busy streets and the kids. I get why it scares him so I never complain to him when he gets more overprotective than he usually is whenever we come to the city. 
I grab Ava’s hand and we cross the street when the little white man tells us to. Tristan gets behind me with Emma and Luke still in his arms and stays close to me. He sighs in relief when we make it to the other side of the street. I slide my hand down his arm and give him a reassuring smile. He kisses my head then lets Luke down because he’s been fighting to be put down since he got picked up. He grabs his hand before he can run off and we walk into the lobby of the apartment building. After the man behind the desk says it’s alright to go up we step into the elevator. The kids are immediately jumping up and down as Emma watches with a smile from her dad’s arms. The doors open and I’m surprised when I see Tristan’s mom waiting for us by the elevator instead of one her workers. 
“Kids,” she says and Ava and Luke run into her arms. Becoming a grandmother has made her considerably less… evil. She even on occasion says nice things to me which is always a treat. We got to know each other better when Ava was born because she would come over most days to help me when Tristan was at work. We disagreed on everything but I soon realized that that was just how our relationship was going to work. 
“I have some cookies for you guys in the kitchen,” she says down to them and Tristan glances at me. Sugar is the last thing the kids need right now but I’m not about to tell her that. I narrow my eyes at him and shake my head.
The kids smile and run off to the kitchen. 
“Hi, little Emma. How are you?” she asks her and Emma smiles which is pretty much her answer for everything except when Tristan and I tell her she needs to go to bed. 
“Hi, mom,” Tristan says as she leans in to kiss both of them on the cheek. 
“How are you?” she asks him as she wipes a lipstick stain off his cheek. “You look tired. Are you making him do all the work now that you are so pregnant?” she asks me and I see Tristan’s jaw tighten. I smile and wrap my arms around her.
“Hi, Miranda. Are you doing good?” I ask as I pull away from her. 
“I’d be better if I got to see my grandchildren more than once every two months,” she grumbles as she takes Emma from Tristan’s arms. 
I sigh when I hear yelling coming from the kitchen. Ava and Luke get in more and more fights the older they get and I can’t stand it. 
“I should check on them,” I say when I see Tristan start to move towards the kitchen. I smile at him and he gives me a pleading look. 
“Talk to her,” I mouth then leave the room. 
After an hour with Tristan’s mom, Tristan announced that we needed to go when she asked why I was feeding Emma so much. She is certainly a chunker but I find it adorable. We left her apartment and met up with Jay at his restaurant. We ate there and told the kids our revised version of our first date there. We left out the conversation we had about my being abused and when I broke down crying. Then we stopped by the small apartment Rachel moved into when her and Sean broke up a few years ago. Rachel caught him cheating on her and found out that he was with another girl for two years. Tristan certainly taught him a lesson when he wouldn’t stop bothering Rachel after she kicked him out. I know she is doing good as a dentist but I’m concerned with her romantic life. We are almost thirty and she is still sleeping around. I don’t even know where she is finding so many men who want to sleep with her not that she isn’t gorgeous. 
When I had two more sharp pains in my stomach Tristan insisted that we had to get home. I told him that they were just kicks because that’s what I’m telling myself they are but he wouldn’t listen to me. 
“Where are we going?” I ask when Tristan takes a left instead of a right. He just smiles and winks at me then focuses back on the road. I smile when I notice our surroundings. Morningside Park. 
He parks the car and we get all the kids out of their car seats. I hold Emma as Tristan takes Luke’s and Ava’s hands. We walk down the sidewalks and I listen to the familiar sounds of trees blowing and water flowing. 
“Mommy and I got married right in this spot,” Tristan says when we arrive under the big tree. I smile and Tristan kisses my head. 
“But in the pictures that Nana showed me you guys were in a church,” Ava says up to us. After we told everyone that we already got married they were pretty pissed at us so we agreed to get married again. It wasn’t nearly as perfect as our first wedding but it was still nice getting married around our family and friends. 
“Yes, that it because mommy and I love each other so much that we got married twice,” Tristan says as he takes Emma from my hands and places her on her wobbly legs. He helps me sit against the trunk as Luke and Emma run off. He comes to sit next to me then Emma comes to flop down in his lap. She giggles as he lifts her in the air. I smile and lay my head on his shoulder and watch Ava and Luke running around together. 
I make sure to savor this moment of peace because I guarantee a fight is going to break out any second. Tristan rests his head on top of mine as Emma toddles off to join her siblings. 
“I missed this place,” I say.
“Me too. Isn’t it crazy seeing the kids here.” He takes his hand and lays it on my belly. 
“Yeah,” I sigh and close my eyes. 
"I guess now we should take them to go see your dad," I say with a smile. Tristan's dad is still living in Florida and we went out to visit him a few times. I was surprised to find out that he is a complete opposite of Tristan's mom. He's funny and nice and actually likes me. 
"Yeah, I don't think so," Tristan says with a chuckle and right at that moment, I hear Emma let out a cry. We both look over to see her on the ground and Luke helping her up as Ava brushes grass off her butt. I smile at my kids caring for each other. It’s amazing seeing Luke have so many of the same traits as my brother did. I guess it’s good we named him after him. I know Tristan sees familiar things in Ava that he saw in his sister too. I love the fact that we both get to see little pieces of our lost siblings in our children. 
Unfortunately, Emma doesn’t stop crying so Tristan has to get up and go help out. I close my eyes and think back to our wedding day. It started out amazing but ended really badly but I like to separate those two memories when thinking about that day. I frown when I feel a wetness in my pants and gasp when I realize what just happened.
“I swear Emma is meant to be an actress,” Tristan says but freezes when he sees me looking down at my black maternity pants. “What is it?” he asks and I look up at him as understanding and panic fill his face.
“Oh my God,” he says and grabs my hands to help me stand.
“Calm down,” I say because everything goes to shit when we both panic about something. I tighten my grip on his hands and close my eyes as more pain fills my body.
“Fuck,” he whispers. “Kids come on. We have to go,” he calls to them then pulls his phone out. “I’m calling Rachel to come pick them up.”
“Ok,” I nod and watch the kids come running over. Thank God Tristan used his scary no nonsense voice because it’s the only thing that really works on them. 
After Tristan slowly walks me back to the car Rachel pulls up in a panic. 
“Oh my God,” she says as she runs over to us. 
“We need your car. Take ours so we don’t have to move all the car seats.” He passes Emma off to her as she gives him her keys. 
“Ok. Good luck,” she says as she hugs me quickly then Tristan pulls me away and helps me into Rachel’s car.
He shuts my door then comes around and starts the car. He turns to me and grabs my hand.
“Are you ready?” he asks and I nod then shake my head as another contraction comes. He squeezes my hand then kisses my head. 
“You got this, my beautiful, strong, amazing girl.” 
"This has to be our last one," I say as I remember how painful this is. Tristan chuckles and kisses my head again.
"You say that every time."

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