This Is Forever (third book in series)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - chapter four

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Submitted: July 07, 2017



I get home and am disappointed when I find that I am alone. I pull out my phone and text Tristan asking what time he will be home. He answers almost right away, saying that he is stuck in a meeting and should be home in about an hour. I guess I should make us some dinner. I search through our unfamiliar kitchen for something I can make us, eventually deciding on pasta. As I wait for the water to boil I force myself to grab my phone and dial my mom. It’s really time that I tell her. I’ve waited far too long.

Butterflies swarm my stomach when I hear the call connect which reminds me of another thing I have to tell her.

“Hello, honey. I was beginning to worry about you,” she says through the phone.

“Sorry, mom. It’s been pretty crazy for me lately.”

“Oh, really? What’s been taking up your time?” I sense her smile and roll my eyes to myself. Of course, my dad told her about Tristan's permission. At least now she is expecting it.

“Well, things have been moving along with Tristan and me,” I say.

“Have they?” she asks as casually as she can.

“Yes, in fact, we have moved in together.”

“Oh” I hear the shock in her voice. She obviously expected me to tell her about the engagement. “That’s great, Kate. Anything else happen?” I notice that she doesn’t sound quite as cheery as she did a minute ago.

“Yes, we got engaged.” I close my eyes and wait for her to say something. I get more and more nervous the longer she goes without speaking. “Mom?”

“Are you happy?” she asks gently.

“Of course. I love him,” I say quickly. “Are you not happy that I’m engaged? I thought you liked Tristan?” The panic I am feeling is clear in my voice but I don’t care.

“Yes, I do like him and I can tell that you guys are crazy about each other.” I know she has more to say and I know I’m not gonna like it. “But it is a bit soon. Don’t you think?” she asks gently.

“Kind of but he makes me happy. Isn’t that enough?” I’m not stupid enough to believe that happiness is all that matters but it’s the only thing I can think to say. I’m more than upset that my mom isn’t happy for me.

“Not always, honey. Things can-” I cut her off as tears spring to my eyes.

“Why can’t you be happy for me, mom?” I sound like a bratty teenager but I don’t care.

“I am happy for you. I just want to make sure that you are completely positive that you want to marry him.” Her gentle voice does little to make me feel better.

“I am sure, mom. I’ve never been surer of anything.”

“Ok, that’s good. You know dad and I trust you enough to make your own decisions, we always have. So if marrying Tristan is what you want then I couldn’t be happier.”

“It’s what I want,” I say confidently as I wipe away a stray tear that has escaped my eye.

“Please don’t cry, honey. I just wanted to make sure that you really wanted to do this.”

I’m about to reassure her again when I remember that the water is still boiling.

“Crap” I run over to the stove and turn it down just before it bubbles over the top of the pot. “I have to go, mom.”
“Ok, I love you. Please believe that I am happy for you and dad is too.”

“I believe you,” I say even though I don’t really know if I do. “I’ll call you soon,” I say and hang up. That is not at all as I expected that to go.

By the time I’m done making the food Tristan still isn’t home so I wait on the couch for him. The tv is on but I’m too tired to pay attention to it. I never feel this tired after work and I am positive that it has something to do with the life growing inside me. I’m just about to give up on waiting for Tristan to get home and take a nap but I hear the front door open. I smile and stand up from the couch.

“Hello, dear. How was work?” I ask sweetly as I walk to the door.

“Work was as good as it could have been without being able to see you, my lovely fiancé,” he says as he plants a gentle kiss on my cheek.

“Well mine was pretty much the same and for the same reason,” I say with a smile. “I made dinner.”

“Oh, really? That is very domestic of you,” he says as we walk into the kitchen.

“I would hate for us to starve,” I respond as I get the pasta and sauce off of the stove where I left it to stay warm and put it on the bar next to two plates that I laid out.

“We could never starve if we had each other,” he says in a hooded voice as he leans in a lightly bites my ear.

“We can’t survive off of each other, Tristan,” I say and he chuckles. We both sit and I dump some pasta on each of our plates.

“Maybe we could,” he says as he brings a forkful of food up to his mouth. He moans in approval and smiles at me. “But I would hate to give up this cooking,” he says and gets another forkful. I laugh and start eating too.

After we have eaten in a comfortable silence I decide that I should tell Tristan about my call with my mom.

“So, I called my mom today,” I say as casually as I can. I see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye but I ignore him and mindlessly move the food that’s on my plate with my fork. When I don’t speak more about it Tristan drops his fork back to his plate and turns my stool so I’m facing him.

“What happened?” he asks, looking me right in the eye.

“She said she was happy for us,” I say and it’s obvious there is more to it. He raises his eyebrows and looks expectantly at me. “She also doubted me… us.” I look down and feel incredibly ashamed all the sudden.

“Doubted what?” he asks quietly.

“She just wanted to make sure that I was sure,” I say, looking back up at him again.

“Ok, so everything is fine?”
“Yes,” I smile and nod.

“Did you tell her that I proposed three weeks ago?” he asks.

“No, I didn’t tell her that I proposed to you three weeks ago,” I say, making sure to accentuate the I. He smiles and shakes his head, clearly not wanting to fight about it right now.

“I think I have to schedule another ultrasound. I was doing some research online… oh and also I read that I should start showing soon,” I add and watch closely for his reaction. We haven’t talked about my getting incredibly huge in the coming months.

“I was wondering when that might happen?” he says and goes back to eating.

“I’m only eleven weeks,” I mumble and move my stool back to facing my plate then pick up my fork again.

“Which room were you thinking for a nursery?” he asks, sounding excited.

“I wasn’t really thinking,” I say honestly.  

“What about the room two doors down from ours, the blue room,” he says and I find it really disturbing that I have no idea what he's talking about.

“I don't think I've ever been in that room but if you think it will work then that's fine. We are going to have to paint it though.” I finish my food and turn my body to face him.

“Probably,” he says as he reaches over and rubs my stomach gently.

“When will we tell people?” he asks and watches his hand.

“When we have to. Which is going to have to be soon. I want to tell our parents first though.”

“Ok, that's fine but I think it's something we should tell them in person.”

“Tristan, we can't tell your parents that I'm pregnant the first time I meet them.” I hate that I haven't met them. I really don't know how it hasn't happened yet. “Do they know we are engaged?”

“Yes,” he says and picks both of our empty plates up and walks then over to the sink.

“What do they think about it?”

“My dad is happy,” he says as he washes off the dishes.

“And your mom?” I ask cautiously.

“She's concerned that she hasn't met you,” he says, keeping his eyes down.

“Tristan! How long ago did she say this?”

“A few weeks ago,” he mumbles.

“I can't even believe you. Why haven't I met her yet? You don't even talk about her so I know nothing about her.” I'm so mad at him even though I probably could have fought harder to meet her.

“Kate, I'll take you to meet her. I promise.” He turns to look at me but I'm already storming off to our bedroom. I don't want to look at him right now.

I can't believe we have waited this long. It's completely ridiculous. We are getting married and having a baby and I know nothing about either of his parents. Or his brother now that I think about it. I assumed they are close but that is it. Gosh, we really aren't good at this relationship stuff but I'll make sure to fix this.


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