This Is Forever (third book in series)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - chapter five

Submitted: July 08, 2017

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Submitted: July 08, 2017



By the time Tristan has decided we should talk I’m already half asleep, curled up in bed. I squeeze my eyes shut when I feel his body pressing into the back of mine.

“How mad are you?” his gentle voice asks. I sigh and turn to face him. Of course, my anger has somehow almost disappeared. In fact, most of my anger is at myself for forgiving him. It’s not his fault alone. I realize that I never once asked to meet his family.

“I’m just confused. How did we hold this off for so long?” I ask as Tristan moves me closer so that we are nose to nose.

“More like avoided it for so long,” he sighs.

“What do you mean?” Oh no.

“My mom isn’t the most…” He pauses as he searches for the right words to use. “Enjoyable person,” he continues.

“Oh no,” I moan and roll onto my back.

“She’s not that bad. I promise,” he says as he climbs on top of me. I gaze up at him and can’t help but smile. My fiancé is so beautiful. “What?” he asks with an even more adorable smirk.

“I love you,” I whisper.

“I love you more,” he whispers back.

“Not p-” His lips stooping down on mine halts my chance to doubt him but I don’t mind.

“I’m not gonna be able to do this for much longer,” he mumbles on my lips.

“Do what?” I ask, only partially aware of what he has said. I’m too distracted by his close proximity.

“Lay on you like this,” he answers.

“Oh yeah,” I say and pull back so I can look at him. I’m desperate to know how he feels about me becoming fat.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

“Are you going to stop being attracted to me when I get fat?” I ask it fast and pray that he finds my worries ridiculous. I get more worried the longer he goes without saying anything. “Are you really thinking about this?” I ask in shock and he smiles.
“No, of course not. Nothing can stop me from being attracted to you,” he says as he leans in to kiss me. “Not even fat ankles and you wobbling around like a penguin,” he chuckles and I’m not at all pleased.

“This isn’t funny, Tristan,” I say sternly.

“I’m sorry, beautiful.” He kisses my forehead and climbs off me. “Come with me,” he says and holds his hand out for me.


“I’ll show you the room I had in mind.”

I groan just to show him that I’m not happy to be getting out of bed and take his hand. We walk out of the bedroom and walk two doors down. Tristan opens the door and I smile, immediately seeing what Tristan sees in this room.

“We would have to clear out the furniture and like you said paint it but for right now I think we could make it work,” he says, watching me very closely. I turn to look at him and my smile grows.

“I love it,” I nod and smile like a fool. I’m not at all surprised when I feel tears spring to my eyes.

“Me too,” he says gently and wipes a tear from my cheek. I sniffle and turn back to the room.

“We are going to have to get furniture,” I say and get a mental image of what I see the room turning into.

“We can go shopping soon but we should do some research first,” he says and I nod. “I can take you to my mom’s tomorrow if that’s what you want. You're right, we have waited too long.” I turn to him and muster up a smile.


When we get back to our room I quickly get changed and finally let myself go to sleep with Tristan nuzzled as close as humanly possible, just the way I like it. I wake to lips lightly pecking me all around my face until they meet my lips. I lazily open my eyes and find Tristan’s beautiful eyes staring down at me.

“Goodmorning, beautiful,” he whispers down at me. I smile and run my hand down his arm.

“Goodmorning, handsome.” I stroke his arm and widen my eyes when I feel his suit covered arm. I shoot my body up, head bumping him in the process.

“Uhh, what is wrong with you, women,” he moans as he grabs his forehead.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I stroke his arm with my one arm as I grab my head with my other. “What time is it?” I ask.

“You still have time. I have an early meeting. I just wanted to say goodbye before I left,” he says as he removes his hand and looks down at me. “Are you ok,” he asks as he gently kisses my forehead.

“Yeah, are you?”

“I’m fine but I have to go or I’m gonna be late,” he says as he looks down at his watch.

“Ok, I’ll see you after work,” I say as I lay back down.

“Have a wonderful day,” he answers and kisses me lightly on the lips. “I love you,” he whispers against my lips.

“I love you too,” I mumble. “Don’t forget that you are taking me to your moms after work,” I say as he leaves the room. He answers with a loud and over the top groan that clearly shows his displeasure.

After I try and fail to fall back to sleep I get up and decide to start my day. I begin with getting a shower and blowing drying my hair. Then getting on my red a-line dress and grabbing my black trench coat when I see that it is snowing out. I slip on my black heels and walk into the kitchen. My plan was to make some toast and be on my way but instead, I find a plate sitting on the counter filled with eggs, bacon and a piece of toast. I smile and pick up the note lying beside the plate.

(You have to admit that I’m getting better.)

Enjoy your day beautiful and take it easy on yourself. I will see you after work at about six. I have also made you some lunch. You’ll find it in the fridge. I love both of you.

-Your loving Fiancé

I smile and fight everything in me not to cry. I love him too much. I put the note down and begin eating. I find that he is right, he is getting better at cooking. Maybe it’s just because I’m pregnant but I eat the whole plate very quickly. I send him a text when I’m done, thanking him and agreeing that he is right about his cooking skills. After that, I grab the paper bag that he left me in the fridge and leave for work.

When I arrive I see André walking in. We haven’t really been talking recently and I noticed that things got weird between us when Mary told pretty much everyone I work with that I was engaged. I actually stopped having suspicions about him being into men but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still want to be friends with him.

“André,” I call and scuttle over to him. I don’t make it far unfortunately and that has everything to do with the ice that I have slipped on. I land right on my ass with a huge gush of wind leaving my mouth.

“Oh shit. Kate, are you ok?” comes André's concerned voice and rushed footsteps. His arms stoop down and lift me off the floor to a standing position. I let out an embarrassed laugh and nod.

“Yes, I’m fine. I guess I shouldn’t run around like a fool when there is ice on the ground,” I say and step back when I notice that his hands are still on me.

“Did you hit your head,” he asks and I stop wiping the snow off my butt when his hand lands on my arm again. Oh, why did I have to talk to him again?

“No, really I’m fine. We should get inside I guess.”

“What did you want before?” he asks, ignoring my suggestion to go back inside and keeping his hand on my arm.

“Oh, umm nothing. Just wanted to walk in with you,” I say, not sounding at all convincing.

“You just wanted to walk in with me? You looked kind of persistent,” he says, his damn hand staying put. I step back again and escape his touch while praying to God that he has taken my hint and keeps his hands to himself.

“Well, I just realized that we haven’t been talking very much lately and I was just curious as to why that was,” I say, deciding to cut the crap and just come clean. I regret it almost right away when his damn hands are on me again and his tongue is down my throat. I gasp in shock and push him on his arms until he stumbles backward.

“What the fuck, André. You know I’m engaged,” I splutter and lift my hand to show him more proof of my engagement.

Anger fumes in me when I see the pure shock on his face. How could he possibly be shocked right now?

“André?” I ask when he doesn’t say anything. “Why weren’t you expecting this reaction from me?”

“Are you serious?” he looks angry now, so angry that I back away when he takes a step towards me.

“What?” I ask quietly, hating that I cowered away.

“Why didn’t you expect this from me?” he asks, taking another damn step near me.

“André, I only ever saw you as a friend,” I say as calmly as I can.

“Oh, come on, Kate. Cut the bull shit. You asked me to get drinks with you.” I flinch at his angered voice but suddenly understand where he may have seen some indication that I was interested in him. I feel stupid but I won’t give him the satisfaction of having my guilt.

“I meant get drinks as friends. Now I suggest we both get to work,” I say firmly when he makes another move towards me. I quickly turn around and stomp away, thoroughly pissed.

God, can’t anyone be just friends this day? I curse Tristan for being right all along and hope that I can manage to keep this from him. I’ve never been good at hiding things from him so this won’t be easy but I’ll have to figure out how. He can never know and that is how I will show my guilt for leading André on, even though I didn’t realize that I was doing it. Tristan would kill him and André would thank me if he knew any better. Even though I would love for Tristan to come down here and have his way with him, I won’t because it will just put a strain on our relationship and that’s the last thing we need right now.


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