The Mind of Me

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Just a slightly humorous expose' into the mind of a writer. Some real thoughts and concerns are expressed, but over all meant for a laugh.

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017






The Mind of Me


This is not a story about the details of my life, nor is it a story about how I feel per se. To classify, this story I’d probably say this a personal exploration of my mind, how I work through the day-to-day grind within, and how I cope with my own ambitions or lack thereof.


I was born in the winter of 1975. I know this because it is and always will be my birthday. Ha, ha! Yeah, just a little bit of sarcasm there, but this is just another part of me. Anyway, as with most people I don’t remember much from my formative years and can only harken back to that time through tales of discovery with my parents. While bits of those stories ring true to me, some I just don’t recall at all.


From what I’ve been told, I’ve always been a non-stranger to people. In other words, I didn’t have any trouble meeting new faces, especially if they had food. I was a big eater in those days, couldn’t get enough so to say. Hey, what can I say, I was a growing boy after all.


Yet, getting back to my line of thought, now days I’ve become somewhat of an introvert. Yeah, sure I can still get along with people and talk with them about random ideas and stuff, but to just go up to someone and start a conversation right out of the blue seems like an imposition to me. It makes me just a bit uncomfortable and truth be told, most people are nothing but noise to me.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate people. I just find many to be rather self-absorbed, my own self included, but it just strikes me as odd. For a society, such as ours, that strives on cooperation, coming together to provide ideas, and working together towards a common goal that we all seem to have a sort of one mindedness about what is the best course for ourselves as a species.


Yeah, I’m sure you reading this probably feel I’m just rambling on about stuff in the world, but the reality is how many of us are making the world a better, safer, and more productive place to live in. Or are we just allowing the hustle and bustle of everything to carry us along?


To get back on my initial point, I basically don’t get out much and when I do, I tend to notice the people just moving along seemingly in their own little bubble. Even as I’m surrounded by friends and family, I feel alone inside my own little world. My thoughts don’t seem to mesh with theirs on everything. I suppose this is my individuality. Yet, I feel like the one gene left out after the DNA of Life has rearranged itself to become something else. Is this Societal evolution? Or am I the observer on the outside looking into the Box of Life?


I really can’t say either way, but I’m hoping some things change a bit for me soon. I like change, but it needs to be moderately and not all at once. If you do it too fast, then nobody has time to appreciate the change. They just lash out at the unexpectedness. It becomes chaos and resentment ensues towards the one making the change. This goes for government as well as personal health, but since this story is about me, let’s refer to the personal health part instead.


 I’ve been working on my physical health to improve how I feel and how I look. This is a challenge I can say for sure. The abundance of unhealthy choices we make in our lives is astounding. With each and every food coming under scrutiny about its benefits and bodily interactions, it’s hard to say if we are truly making any good choices. The best logic here: Eat Simple and Eat Clean. Move more also. That is one of the best choices, I say. Moving is essential. Without it, we go nowhere. It can invigorate you and help stimulate the mind as well as the body. Hell, if you’re sitting here reading this then you’re probably not moving enough. Just kidding. But, seriously, after you finish reading this writing get up and do something.


What you do isn’t as important as the quality of what you do. Make it stimulating. Heck, have sex if it tickles your fancy. Don’t worry. I won’t judge you. Just know that, it was my suggestion. He, he, he. Now, where were we? Oh, yeah. Making improvements just a bit everyday will help.


Now, here comes the nitty gritty of the thoughts that go through my mind. Dreams. Oh boy, I can go on about dreams for hours. Dreams for the future, daydreams, dreams when sleeping, dreams that come true, heck; even nightmares make for some interesting dreams, sometimes. I wrote one down once as a short story. It’s posted here on Booksie also. “One Crazy Night” is its title. It’s up to two hundred and forty-one reads so far.


Sure, we all know what dreams are. We all have them from time to time, some more than others. They are the electrical impulses that occur in the brain during REM sleep. Most scientists speculate that dreams are the brains way of sorting information into the cerebral cortex in which the various sights, sounds, and smells are labeled together into a sort of moving picture.


But, getting to the fun aspect, dreams are the product of stories, invention, and imagination. Dreams are real. We tell them to ourselves every day. We read them in books. They are the spark that gives us meaning and the entertainment that drives us to see and explore more.

Because, we always want to understand our dreams, especially the weird ones like being chase by a pink bunny rabbit through the dark woods wondering why you were afraid of a rabbit. Maybe, you just watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail on television or it was the pink marshmallow bunny peeps you ate right before bed, who knows. It could be a combination of both; but, either way it was a strange dream and the knowing why just irks our mind.


It’s the need to get it out there, to explore the fantasy, and to allow others to share in the experience that drives our very being. Much like this story you are reading now. Although, this was an impulsive thought that spurred it. I felt the need to express a thought. I dreamt up this idea basically on the spot and started writing. My dream, right now, is to be an author, hopefully an accomplished one. So, I write my ideas down. With the writing, I get better at telling the story, I think.


Sometimes, I wonder if my work is being seen enough. I’m not good at marketing myself it seems. I only have seven fans on Booksie, but over two thousand reads on my whole collection of writings so I’m unsure of my total exposure right now. I realize some of the reads are re-reads, but how many I don’t know. The stats counter doesn’t help with everything, but I seem to be averaging five reads a day.


I hope I don’t get frustrated by my endeavor though because I really like to write these stories. I guess, I’m hoping for a helpful hand, but I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get any though. Feedback is something I don’t get enough of. Either, I write well enough to be considered a good writer or I’m just too critical of my own writing that I feel a bit insecure about how it’s being perceived. I guess, I could consider that a good quality for a writer to have, but it is annoying when fans aren’t more vocal about the writing. Oh well, no worries. Time to get back to the meat of this story.


Yep, yep, yep. It’s time for silly, crazy thoughts. If a dog licks its butt, then licks your face. Are you getting butt-licked? What about this one. Warning, it’s a produce joke. Lettuce, be glad we can romaine calm, but be bananas at the same time. Lame, right? Sorry. Ok, ok, ok. Umm…nope, not sure I can follow that one up just yet. Oh, here we go. How can you be here and there at the same time? There’s probably multiple answers to that one, but I’ll let you mull it over how you wish.


Well, it’s been fun talking with you peeps today. My mind is getting tired from all the thoughts being processed today. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow. What, you’re not gone yet!? What, are you still reading for. Oh, you thought, this was going to be some mind-blowing revelation about myself. Sorry, about that. Here you go, BoooooooM!!!! Mind blown, Aha, ha, ha, ha!


So, long readers and writers, check back next time for more adventures into the mind of Akumakaze.



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