Five Questions with : K.M.

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An interview with the writer: K.M.

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



 None of Them Knew They Used To Be Human


The machines came from the underground, taking over the surface. The few of us lucky enough to remain untouched, keeping ourselves in one piece, were forced to leave the surface; going into their underground. We are the last few able and willing to fight back. Soon after, we caught one of their own and formed a plan. The robots name was Mendel, a Disassembler of the living that turned us into one of them. But not anymore.

It was reprogrammed to work for us now, and help with the resurrection of the deceased. Now it is an Assembler.  

 Mendel the Assembler shaved closely along the metal rod, peeling away paper thin layers of the other automatons bones. Collecting enough filings for the process, he brushed them ever so lightly into a new bone mold. Growing a new skeleton only required a small amount of machines blood; hidden within each of the iron bones. From this, the Assembler would be able to replicate the nostalgic ghost hidden within; once known to be Human. Replacing the gene overcome by recessiveness back to it's original structure. 

Question 1: Who, as an author you are familiar with now, do you wish you could had read a long time ago?

I would have to say Anne Rice. I just finished reading the Mummy or Ramses the Damned and I really wish that I had discovered her sooner.

The simulation almost complete, ferrous silver goo of boiling blood soon hardens, the dominant gene creating Human bones to start over. So many bones of this counterfeit body he had to collect a slice from, then place into the shaping forms; the oddity of it all brings back digital memories of it's past existence.

Question 2: What is your favorite word?

My favorite word is " peculiarity" . Because the word serves as one way to describe something as "abnormal" and not leave a negative taste in your mouth in doing so. (I like positive things) It's also a fun word to say.


As the assembler recreates the entire skeletal remains of what once was a Human, from the metal gene that overtook it's body, the sensation of human bones in it's robotic hands cause utility fluids to collect in it's eyes. Mist cascades down its now rusty face. Nano emotions evoked.


Question 3: When you go to the library or bookstore , which section draws you in first?


 Young adult, I tend to stick with the fantasy genre. I enjoy the creativity often found in the fantasy genre ( not to say that the romance genre lacks this ), but from my experience I find the hero and villain more relatable toward each other in the Fantasies. You can easily see that the hero could have effortlessly become the villain or vise versa if they had reacted to circumstances in their lives differently. (My favorite book is one where I love the villain as much as  ( if not more than ) the hero.


The Assembler forms the recombinant being into a life size version of itself and looks upon the being it once was. Bring back the undead living, diamond fibers collect in the corner of it's ocular panels; a new emotion of wanting to immolate itself grows within; if only to become one of them, one of us again.


Question 4: Where do keep your books and do you have a special place for your most prized ones ?  


 I keep my books on my bookshelf in my room. Its overflowing so some of them are stacked haphazardly. My favorite books are tucked in my nightstand and easily accessible for early morning reading.


Holding the aerosol can up to the resurrected, it clothes the new Human frame with spray on flesh. Already the organs growing inside, soon the body of the beast would awaken,  inevitably reminding those of us waiting for the outcome of Mendel's creation, why turning into a machine had become necessary. For, the builders knew this old bitic code of our lifespan would never last, and soon all would be deceased. From our own hands or not, nothing lasts forever, except for them and their metal; alas the secret byte, our meddle.


Question 4: bone 2: Where is your favorite place to "people watch"?


I love to people watch at parks. The older couples make me smile and there is something rather nostalgic when watching little kids play carefree with their parents. My favorite spot in the park to people watch is with my back to a tree, facing the duck pond, and a book in my lap.


So, now we try to increase the population once more from their arcanum. Rewrite a history that we had already written a specific way. Edit the future with technology we wished we hadn't created. All but Mendel the Assembler, who has a binary idea of it's own. He works away in secret.


Question 5 : Why is it, that the last municipal building in every town to get an upgrade or update always seems to be the public library?  (this is more an observation I have noticed and more a matter of opinion concerning your view, but I find the topic interesting) 


I guess my town must be a completely opposite book haven compared to where you are from. My library always has some sort of renovation occurring. For example when I traveled home last weekend I discovered that they are in the process of adding a new wing and repairing the roof. I do feel the need to hometown consists of four gas stations, one pizza place, more auto shops than I can count, an entire main street of abandoned buildings and then the library. Its all that we have left that is nice/friendly/welcoming so we tend to spend the town budget on renovating it. Or fixing the sewer lines for the fourth time this summer...


 Mendel removes his arm, and shaves of a paper thin layer of metal into the bone mold. He replaces the eternal arm with a new Human arm. Then his legs. One at a time. One bone at a time, reassembling himself. He stops half way through the process. Now, half human where it mattered in his heart, and half robotic where it mattered for longevity, he finally remembered who he used to be. Why we had gone into the underground, why we remade ourselves differently from the way we were supposed to be; to ensure our existence, even among ourselves. 


Question 5: bone 2: Why are bookstores becoming so few and far between ?


As for bookstores I've never had one at home. Which is one of the many reasons why I love living permanently at college. I know of at least six within walking distance from me (not Barnes and Noble but actual bookstores run by families where the floor counts as book space and you can get lost very easily inside.) In fact I just recently discovered a book warehouse in the next town over that consists of four warehouse buildings filled with reduced price books. I have appropriately dubbed it my "literature heaven" and will probably end up broke by the end of the summer filling my room with books. From my limited perspective I would have to disagree with your question. I do think that the ability to just order books online from sellers such as amazon has hurt bookstores but I don't think its causing them to close. From what I have noticed when I order online is that frequently online stores buy the book from the smaller business so they still gain some profit. Maybe its different in other states or parts of the world? All I know is that I'll always help keep them in business.


 We still remain underground, hiding from those that look human but hide robots inside. And, they still try to control everything we are and once were. We hope to find more like Mendel. Those that can remember. That's all we can do. Have hope, remember and be real. 
Feelings can't change the facts.
The future isn't any more dim than the past. Just ask the undead robots, wrapped like Mummies in false skin.
Or ask the Humans. 
Wrapped like the eternal with light. Coded with love. Immortal.
Thanks for batteries Kat !
I owe you a muffin and cup of coffee, strait up.
 ( Inspired by The Iron Assassin by K.M. ( Katherine )




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