Oh Lonely Girl

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Young Amy suffers with being bullied at school and has no one to look up to. She doesn't say much and is left with scars that aren't easily curable. Her mother past away and things have been worse ever since. Amy struggles in her life and wishes to change things, but she can't.

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



She hears and see, but remains silent and still.

She doesn’t speak up her thoughts and is left with unsaid words trapped inside her head.

She has so much potential within her yet chooses to keep mixed emotions, she does not understand herself.

She loves to write and doodles in her notebooks on her spare time.

She enjoys writing the most when she is inspired and feels peace within her, with nothing to worry about, no distractions nor anything to look out for.

She says words aren’t enough when it comes to putting them together, it’s like a puzzle, you struggle in times to get it right, then proceed to the next.

She’s afraid to say what she feels and is terrified to get judged by others.

She has no friends other than her worn out pens and crumbled paper she uses repeatedly to save plenty more.

She writes and writes throughout the whole day until she can no longer see the sun shining through her window.

She expresses her thoughts and feelings that are not said, but are written in black bold ink.

She writes down how she feels, she describes this sad feeling as if she were falling off a high edge cliff, looking back with tear stained marks on her eyes that are easily spotted from a distant.

She has wandered through places you can not come to think of and the shame she can’t hide is a horrible feeling she deals with each day and denies.

She’s crippled by the fear that never let’s her go.

She is so sensitive, there’s not a day in which her eyes are not filled up with those heavy tears running down her rosy pink cheeks.

She over thinks and questions herself why she’s not good enough to this world.

She cries in silence with guilt that drowns her every time.

She seeks for help, but no one seems to hear her.

She wants a best friend of her own to open up to, other than an imaginary one.

She lives and depends on her own self.

She has no one to look up to and stands alone through this endless nightmare.

She is driven insane with negative anticipations that drag her down to the floor and sobers until she can no longer cry.

She hears a loud echoing voice inside her mind shouting as a sign to wake up.

She ignores the fact she is left behind in the darkness with nothing to hold onto.

She covers her face with her long black hair, constantly looking down and walks like nobody's in her way.

She often feels like a dead human being living on earth, but is that even possible?

She battles each day to stand firm on both her feet even though falling is easier to do.

She prays to somehow overcome anything that comes her way.

She has a list of things she’d love to change and say or is that too late?

She glances through the mirror everyday before heading to school saying she’s worth something under her dead mother’s beautiful eyes.

She combs her hair singing from the top of her lungs, as a daily thing.

She speaks to her own reflection before walking out of her bedroom door.

She knows what type of war she may face at school, nothing new for poor Amy.

She knows that as soon as she steps out of her house no one will protect her.

She closes her eyes as she slowly walks towards her bus stop.

She turns back waving at her mother with a fearful thought of not coming back home alive.

She then realizes her mom is no longer alive and cries, it was simply an image that stood in her mind ever since.

She is fed up feeling like a puppet to others.

She gets picked on and holds anger inside her, but doesn’t say a single word.

She’s waiting for the day where someone backs her up.

She wonders if anyone even notices she exists.

She’s treated like a trash bag that is left behind the dumpsters.

She is alone and the word alone frightens her.

She sees her life as a black and white movie with no happy ending or possibly a book that was forgotten and not finished.

She is called a loser and is not given a chance.

She is the lonely girl who never said a word.


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