mysterious powers

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Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



in a town that was as normal as it can get in. In that town people were living normally as any other place in the world ?except there was a secret factory built under the town, it was a factory for atomic and chemistry experiments. the town was in a country called Gekko (moons light in Japanese).One night in that factory, a spy had gotten in from the Gekko's neighbors Himitsu (secrets in Japanese) who are in a war with Gekko. The spy got in and without knowing he had activated the alert system that was based on if it ever detects an unknown person without a known ID it would activate the self-destruction system and so the factory did, it was a silent destruction that was only inside the factory and it shouldn't have affected the outside world except , some gas that had been under the eyes of the scientists because it was thought of as in a "Super power giving material" got out somehow after the spy accidentally clicked on a button from the control panel that was the button to release the gas over the city but it only let some because the factory distracted itself and there was no time for the entire gas to be out. mean while a girl was going home alone at that night , she was the only one on the streets because in the morning she got late for work so she had to work more than the others , she was going home and was in a bad mood because her best friend got into a fight with her earlier at work . she was so mad and sick of this world of her and had enough from this misery she was in that she was thinking of either suicide or making some changes to this shitty life of hers. she had a thought of becoming a super hero but that was too ridiculous to even think of except she didn't know what was going to happen next..., she inhaled that poison without knowing that got her uncomfortable and the gas had a bad smell , she got even more frustrated which made it easier for the gas to get its effects on her , she inhaled it and got sick almost falling down unconscious but luckily for her she was close to home . she got home and fell unconscious on the floor before even getting into her bedroom and that was the last night of her normal boring life. she woke up on the next day being on the floor and not knowing what happened "who am i" was her first words after that. apparently, she had forgotten who she was but that wasn't long because after about 5 min and thoughts rolling from her head, she remembered everything about herself without the day that had changed her life (the day before). little does she know she won't be the same ever after but it depends on if she becomes one to help and be loved, or feared and terror people all over...


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