lesson for a friend

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every song has a story in it.
but this song is about a girl who started talking about the strength and weakness of each of her friend
to teach them a lesson which is ............

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



I have couple friends Every one with type of heart

Ya we are all. different but no need to be ashamed

Cause that what make us unique and named

Oh oh ohhh

I know a girl whose heart is changing by everyday

But her hurt remains pure as if she was borned today


Ya we are a little different but no need to go underway it's gonna be okay

Oh oh oh

I know a girl who like to wear her mysterious gown

But when she smiles everyone bows down

Oh oh oooh ahhh

I know a girl who have teared down as a water fountain

But always have the hope to brush all the pain


We all got our strengths And in....securities

Isn't it great  to be different

Isn't great to be who you are

When you learn to accept yourself

You'll become a shining star

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