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A regular High school nerd has an array of problems including a best friend who bullies him, homework, and oh yea he works for the government

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



My name is Jack White. My name is ordinary, my life is ordinary, Im ordinary. I go to an ordinary High school with ordinary people. I have an ordinary lifestyle where i go to school, I go home, I go to sleep. Yep just a pretty boring life. In fact everything boring, I get bored really easily, can you tell? So anyways before I ramble on any farther let m tell you about my day. So right now I'm in english just sitting being bored. But thats not the half of it. The teacher is giving a lecture  while I'm half a sleep. “so class where does the comma go”? or some crap like that. I really have no idea what he is saying I'm so bored! Im considered the geek at my school, I really like the Japanese Amigram which is this cheesy show where  little robots turn into canabilistic animals. Its cheesy and childish but I've always liked cheesy and I’m a kid at heart. A messed up bored as fuck little kid 

“Dude wake up” 

The guy next to me flicks me hard in the ear. My eyes do that little thing where they flutter and I quickly jump back in consciousness. That’s Robert and he is the closet thing I have to a friend at this school. We met when he threw me into a dumpster, head first.We started to bond when he beat the ever-living shit out of me. But we really started to develop a friendship when he shoved my face into the toilet. Even through his bullying, he still actually treats me as a human being and sits with me at lunch. He says  that the bullying is only for show and he has always respected my intelligence. At first I so did not believe that fact, for obvious reasons, but I found his inner geek and showed him Amigram and he fell in love with it. He was actually able to find deeper meaning and we were both able to geek out over the show discussing it for hours.  

So yea he bullies me, but in a friendly way not hitting me too hard. So do you want to head back to the story of me sitting in english class being bored? No? You want tales of explosions, covert operations, and saving the damsel in distress? TOO FUCKING BAD! you're getting boring english class story. 

So ‘ehhmm’ there i was sitting in english class when unexpectedly I get a text message 

‘Moby dick is near Ahab, execute order Starbucks.’

I rolled my eyes and grabbed a big bulky laptop out of my backpack. You  Have no idea how any times I was made fun of because of my low tech laptop, when everyone else has holotape chrome orchids. But i don't care old is hipster and cool is ordinary! Everyone else can just suck it. I grab my computer from my bag and open it. A black screen appears. I type 

‘Ishmeal asks permission to join

I wait a second 

permission granted type harpoon level and type. 

Being a 17 year old adolescent teenager with hormonal problems, I roll my eyes. Got to keep with the cliches right? But real talk? This really is a lot of bullshit 

level 5 with .301’ I type. 

A gray screen pops up and in front of me is the barrel of  current with an aiming reticle. A squadron of attack helicopters is in the distance. I use the arrow keys and the barrels move till the aiming reticle is on the cluster of helicopters. I casually touch the space bar. Several flashes and cylinders fly out as little flashes fly toward the choppers. They explode against the sides of the helicopters as they start smoking and, one by one, make a tailspin toward the ground making a huge explosion. A propeller whizzes past the screen. A couple of survivors crawl from the wreckages and they try to limp toward the other side. I lower the barrel toward their chests. What I can imagine are screams escape the lips of the doomed men. I casually press the space bar several times. One of the men’s chest cavity is removed, several of them lose a head, and at least one of them loses a leg. Within a matter of seconds, they are buzzard food. I slowly close the laptop, put it in my bag, and wait till I get a text message soon after. 

Thank you for your service to your country. Your usual wages will be put in your account. I get a beep from my phone and see 600,000 pounds was put in my account. 

Oh yea I forget to tell you. I also kill people for a living.

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