It Is All About My Dream

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Chapter 10 (v.10) - Finally i Got The Idea

Submitted: July 18, 2017

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Submitted: July 18, 2017



I went to her room, “Knock.knock”, “who’s there,” Miss Clara asked. “ I’m sorry for disturbing teacher but, I want to tell you something important about the competition,” I said. “ Aha, you’re Honoka, come-on enter,” She said.

“Go ahead, what do you want?

“ Actually, teacher, I came to give you my idea of my story so if you do not mind, can I take some of your time?” I asked

“Of course dear,” she said

“ Actually, I was talking to my friends. I asked each one of them what kind of adventures they love. Each one said what she thought and as they talked, a wonderful story of an adventure came to my mind, a mixture of what my friends said.  The story talks about me and my friends at Kotori's house, we were sitting, watching Harry Potter movie. Suddenly we found things in the room flying and a strange light came out of the television screen and we were pulled into the movie.” I said

“interesting!! Very interesting, did you start writing it” she said

“ Actually not yet, I got the idea before I come to you,” I said

 “I am looking forward to reading the story you must start sooner or later. When you finish writing it, give it to me” she said

“Yes sure,” I said

“Excuse me now I have to go Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience There is no doubt that the teacher in the class will kill me because I am late, ” I said

“No, no problem, and by the way, I won’t kill you because both of us are late,” she said

“Oh, yeah, it’s your period,” I said

We left the room and went to the class, I was very happy because the teacher liked the idea. At the time of the break, I told Yumi and Kuturi about the idea and they were very impressed. I went to the library to return the book because it was not necessary to complete it because finally, I got the idea of my story. I took the bag and went to the library I gave the book to the supervisor of the library and thanked her for borrowing it to me


“Hello, hello, look who’s here, it's Honoka Hahaha let me know, my dear, did you finish writing the story,” someone said

I looked back and I found Emma

“Not yet, but I'll start today” I replied

“O poor, I’ll tell you a secret? I finished the story and handed it over as well” She said

“I do not care if I'm finished or not. All I care about is my story and now excuse me My friends are waiting for me” I said

“Hey before you go I want to tell you that I will win and the prize is mine,” she said

I pretended I did not listen to her and went to my friends and told them about what Emma said.

The school day was over and I returned to the house and handed over to my mother and father

I ate with them and went up to the room to start and before I start, I  remembered Emma's words when she told me she had won many contests so I wanted to make sure, so  I searched about her name in my mobile and I was very shocked.


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