It Is All About My Dream

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Chapter 11 (v.11) - The Expected day

Submitted: July 20, 2017

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Submitted: July 20, 2017




I saw a full page on the internet for her, talking about her life and her works and how many contests did she win, as if she was a real writer. That annoyed me a bit and made me scared, but that didn’t stop me to write the story.

I took the laptop and started writing immediately and the blood in my hand were running inside my vessels as if they were trying to help me writing quickly. I started about 2:00 am. I used lots of websites that would help me for writing the story in a nice way I also downloaded a program that will help me to find my grammatical and spelling mistakes if I have.

I was very happy while writing the story it was the first writing competition that I participated in, I had such a wonderful feeling. And at 12:00 pm I wrote the last word in my story. I took lots of time in writing the story because it was a novel.

I wrote about 125 pages. I read the novel before I sleep so I would make sure it doesn’t have mistakes. I know it’s weird but I was hugging the story while I was sleeping. I put all of my hope inside that story, you can just say it was a part of me.

The morning came and the beautiful birds started singing as usual. I woke up and went to the school and the story was with me, I wasn’t going to submit it I only brought it with me so my friends would read it. When I entered the class I told them that I brought it with me. And at the break time, they read it and they were very interactive with it as if they were inside the story.

“Wow Honoka, until now it’s a very great story I really liked it and the teacher will too,” Yumi said

“You’re such an amazing writer Honoka, I really hope you to win,” Kotori said it with her nice and soft sound

“Thanks a lot my dear friends, thanks for standing next to me and helping me. I’m really happy because I have such an amazing friends like you” I said it while putting the story in my bag  before the end of the break

The bell rang and it was the time for all the students to return to their classes. Before I go to the class I went to the principle’s room and before I knock the door I heard  

“Please Miss Zoe try as much as you can to let her win, and as a return, I’ll make you the English coordinator,”  she said

I started knocking the door but at that time I didn’t understand exactly what was going on

“Sorry I have to go,” she said

“Yes enter,” she said

“Hello, I’m sorry for disturbing you again but I have couple of questions about the competition that I want to ask you about,” I said

“Yes, sure you can,” she said

“When is the deadline? And how many students participated” I asked

“The deadline will be 10 of may which is about two weeks later, and the students who participated are only 15” She replied

“ Ok thanks a lot, excuse me now, I have to return to the class,” I said

“ You’re welcome dear,” she said

After I closed the door she completed immediately her talking. I returned to the class and it was miss Clara.

“WOW! This teacher always comes at the excellent times” I said happily

 The weeks passed quickly as the train. And before the deadline with one week I submitted the story. In that week I couldn’t sleep easily my mind was busy, thinking about the competition. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours, hours turned into days, and days turned into a week. And finally, the expected week came.

I went on Sunday early and asked about the results but the English teachers said tomorrow at the assembly we will know. And again I had to wait, I really hate waiting very much. After billion of hours the day came. I woke up quickly and went to the school. A teacher there told me to go to the celebration hall. I found lots of chairs and many of teachers.

The principal came and stood on the stage. My heart started bombing, it was a matter of life or death. She took the microphone and started speaking the more she speaks the more I lose my attention. “Good morning ladies, Hope you all are fine, Today is the day which most of you were waiting for it, today we will know the winner, today we will give this special gift for whom deserve it, and the winner is………..  









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