It Is All About My Dream

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Chapter 12 (v.12) - The winner

Submitted: July 22, 2017

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Submitted: July 22, 2017



“Good morning ladies, Hope you all are fine, Today is the day which most of you were waiting for it, today we will know the winner, today we will give this special gift for whom deserve, and the winner is Emma in grade 10,” She said it in a serious voice.

My heart broke into pieces inside my body, my tears started running quickly on my cheeks, I didn’t move any single move, I was shocked, I stood up and left my seat and while I was  leaving the hole, I felt dizzy, and I fell down and my tears were flying in the wind.

“Honoka, Honoka, what happened please answer” Kotori yelled.

All of the teachers gathered and the students too, miss Clara came and carried me, she took me to the nurse. After a while, I woke up and found myself in the nurse's room but I was sad  Yumi and Kotori was there and also Miss Clara.

I looked at them and then I started crying again covering my face with my hands. “I’m too much sad for Honoka she worked too much hard,” Yumi said with a smooth sound.

“Yeah! And her story was great, I thought she will be the winner” Kotori said and her eyes were filled with tears.

“I read Honoka’s story and most of the judges liked it too much and I think too they chosen her this what we agreed about but I don’t know what happened,” Miss Clara said

“Please, stop that, of course, nothing happened she won because her story is better than mine, no more and no less and please I don’t want anyone to call me or even visit me, I’m sorry but I need to stay alone for a while,” I said it wailing.

And then I left the room, I went to the principle’s room to take her permission for leaving early and there I found Emma.

 “Oh, hello Honoka, I feel too much sorry for you, but the gift has to be with who deserve it and that’s me,” she said.

I looked at the principle and I found her a bit worried and scared when I just entered the room, as any other mother she should be happy for her daughter but she wasn’t.

“Stop it, Emma, I’m sorry for that Honoka my daughter is just happy, you came here for something so what is it,” she said it with concern.

“I feel too much sick, so can I get back home early today?” I asked with a dead sound.

 “Yes sure you can!” she replied.

“Thanks, Madam, and congratulations for Emma,” I said and my eyes started turning into the black color

“You’re welcome! And thanks, Honoka and I’m sure that your story is great” She said with regret

 I left her room and went to the class to prepare my bag, all of the students were looking and staring at me, and that annoyed me very much! I took the bag and went home

“Welcome back home, but isn’t it early?” Mom said

I didn’t reply, and went up to my room, mom started knowing that there’s something wrong happened.

“Honoka, honey is there’s anything wrong?”

“ W what no who said so” my tears were inside my eyes

“ Your eyes and your tears said so,” she said

“ Mom, I’m sorry, I’m bad my dream won’t come true, I’m stupid because I just participated in that competition,” I said and my tears were falling as the rain. And suddenly a slap hit my face, yeah it was my mother.

“Honokaaaa, what are you saying? All of the people face obstacles and the secret of their success is that they don’t give up and you have to do that, it’s just a competition, it’s not the end of the world” Mom said with a serious mode.

“Mom you don’t understand me, I …..” mom interrupted. “No of course I understand, dreams don’t come true easily, and the best thing about the dreams is standing up and never giving up,” Mom said.

“ Mom” I cried

I hugged mom, and her smooth hand moved above my head. She took me downstairs to help her in the restaurant. And I was happy because I did, and suddenly Kotori and Yumi entered.

“Honoka sorry for coming I know you said to do not, but we can’t leave you like that” Kotori said loudly.

I looked at my mom and laughed.

“ Don’t worry girls, she is fine now?” Mom said

“ Actually, I’m sad a bit but it’s okay,” I said

“ Honoka go to your room with your friends, talk with them and tell them what do you have inside, they came here for you,” mom said

I took them and went upstairs, mom brought us sweets and delicious food.

“Honoka, I’m happy because you are fine,” Yumi said

“Actually I’m not too much fine yet, but I’m okay, after hearing what mom said, I changed, I didn’t win but I still want to keep chasing that dream,” I said


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