It Is All About My Dream

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Chapter 13 (v.13) - The truth

Submitted: July 23, 2017

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Submitted: July 23, 2017



We were enjoying the day with each other, laughing and telling each other jokes, but my smiles weren’t true, they were fake ones!

“ Bye Kotori, bye Yumi, I enjoyed the time with you and thanks for visiting me,” I said while waving.

They left the house and returned to their homes.

“So, Are you okay now?” Mom asked

“Not exactly,” I said with low voice getting upstairs

I entered my room and lied on my bed wondering about what happened, and suddenly I remembered my teacher when she said that they at first chose me and in the hole they said Emma, she said too that maybe there is something went wrong!

“What did the teacher meant by that, is there’s something wrong or someone cheated, tomorrow am gonna ask her” I wondered.

The morning came, I wasn’t in a good mode to go to the school, and I only woke up and went just to ask the teacher. I went to the school slowly my legs were filled with sadness as the other parts of my body. Everyone was talking in the class but when I just entered everyone stopped just to keep staring at me, well actually that made me into a worse mode.

“Yumi look there it’s Honoka,” Kotori said happily

“Yeah but she seems a bit upset” Yumi replied

“Good morning Kotori, good morning Yumi,” I said that after I sat on my seat.

“Good morning” they both replied at the same time

Our sounds were the only ones in the class as I said everyone stopped talking, our math teacher entered and the period began. After a while, finally, it was the break time.

“Hey, would you like to come with me to miss Clara I wanna ask her an important question,” I asked

“yep sure,” Kotori said

“Why not” Yumi answered

We went to her room and unfortunately, we found most of the English teachers in the room and also the coordinator was there.

“Oh! I-I’m so sorry for disturbing I thought miss Clara is the only one here” I apologized

“Honoka, you came in the exact time come enter the teachers want to ask you several questions and me too, we wanna make sure of something,” Miss Clara said

I entered the room and my legs were trembling, Kotori and Yumi waited outside.

“Honoka you’re the one who wrote the story of “Inside a Movie” right,” the English coordinator asked.

“Yeah, I’m the one who wrote it” I replied

“And in how many days did you finish it?” she asked again

“Well, I finished it in one night,” I said

“Do you know who’s Emma?” Miss Clara asked

“ Yes, I know her, all that I know about her is that she wants to revenge from something I did to her, she won couple of writing competitions on internet and you’ll find her name on it, and the last thing, she’s the principle’s daughter” I answered

“Do you know who’s here English teacher?” an English teacher1 asked

“No, I don’t,” I said

“What’s the website she used to publish in it her writings?” an English teacher2 asked

“I just wrote her name on Google and I found a page for her” I answered

“Ok, thanks, this all what we wanted to ask you about” Miss Clara said

“Miss, I want to ask you something important,” I said

“Yeah sure ask” she replied

“Yesterday, you said something which paid my attention to it, you said that the judges liked my story and they were going to choose me or something like that and you said also that you think there’s something went wrong so what did you mean?” I asked

“ Listen, all of the judges read all of the stories and each one choose three names and write them and the person who has more chosen will be the winner, and after we finished most of us talked about your story and how much it was nice, and we thought you’ll be the winner, but in the honoring day we were surprised when we heard “Emma”” Miss Clara said

“And who sees the names?” I asked looking at the teachers

“The principle” the English coordinator answered

“We think that there’s someone who exchanged the papers of the names” Miss Clara said

“Honoka, go now to the break you have to eat,” English teacher 3 said

“A-yeah, yeah I will excuse me,” I said with admiration

And I left the room. Actually, I started feeling weird about that issue. I told Yumi and Kotori about the conversation!. And they were very impressed. And at that time I saw Emma going to a building, so I followed her, I kept following her until she reached a door in a strange place. And suddenly I found her disappeared

“Why are you following me? Didn’t your parents teach you that following people is impolite” she said with anger

“um-aaa” I didn’t know what to say

She opened that door and pushed me inside it.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked

“This is to stop following the others I felt that someone is following me so I brought you here to lock you inside,” she said and smiled her wicked smile

“No please don’t do it,” I said while she was closing the door

And I was locked inside, I kept crying.

“I’m stupid, why did I follow her?!” I said looking around the room.

The room was scary, dark, full of strange smells, it had lots of weird boxes, I sat above one of the boxes and I kept crying. And at that time Emma went to her mom,  from the beginning she was going to her mom and when I followed her she changed her destination, she was an evil girl I hated her too much. When Emma was in front of her mother’s room she heard the sound of her English teacher so she kept outside to hear the conversation.

“Good morning Miss Sarah, hope you’re having a great day,” Her English teacher said with a melodic and smooth sound

“My day is good, go ahead tell me what do you want?” the principal said signing some papers on her desk

“WE-Well, before the honoring day you said if Emma won I’ll be the English coordinator right?” she said while playing with her hair

Emma’s eyes got smaller and white that sentence paid her attention too much and she kept listening.

“Yeah I said so, but can I know how did you make her win?” the principal asked looking at her with admiration

“Actually the way isn’t important, the most important thing is that Emma won,” she said with hesitation

“I want the answer, now,” the principal said loudly

“I- I exchanged the papers of names,” The teacher said looking at the ground

Emma’s face turned into yellow and white she moved backward few steps, surprised from what she heard, she held her hands which were full of anger and she kept listening

“Whaaaat?” the principal stood up and shouted

“You said to do anything to let her win,” the teacher said with fear and tension.

“Yeah, but I didn’t tell you to cheat,” the principal said and her eyes were full of anger

Emma couldn’t stand anymore to keep hearing the conversation, she ran crying and her tears were flying in the wind. And while I was crying in the room I heard the sound of someone catching the door grip the door opened quickly as if that person is in hurry and unfortunately it was Emma, she came toward me and I saw the tears in her eyes I knew that there’s something wrong.

“Honoka, I have to tell you something important,” she said with a very low and weak sound

She told me every single thing happened, I was very shocked and after she finished she fall on her knees crying, putting her hands on her face. I felt too much sad for her, I stood up and put my hands on her shoulder

“Emma, please don’t cry, your tears are beautiful but I don’t want to see them outside your eyes because they will get ugly,” I said while erasing her tears by my finger.

Her cheeks turned red and her eyes were shining as the star she looked at me and smiled a very cute smile

“Emma I liked this smile, not that wicked one, wow! you're beautiful” I said it shyly

“Honoka, you’re really beautiful, from outside and inside, you’re exactly like the diamond,” she said

I smiled happily, we looked at each other and laughed, we remembered how we used to annoy each other and at that time we were saying very nice sentences to each other. We left the room and walked toward the yard

“Ko-Kotori look there, it- ittt-it’s Emma and Honoka, they’re walking with each other” Yumi said keeping her mouth opened because of her admiration.

“Yumi, Kotori, this is my new friend, Emma,” I said smiling

Emma told them about everything too, they were very impressed as if they saw a giant elephant flying in front of their eyes.

“We need to go to miss Clara and tell her,” Kotori said

“No, we can’t, Emma will be sad,” I said

“Honoka, no problem, I told you because I’m sad from what happened and I want them to repeat the judging,” she said

“Ok it’s your choice let’s go,” I said

We went to Miss Clara, and the English coordinator said they’ll repeat. And tomorrow we’ll announce the winner. We got out from the room with reassurance.

“I wish you a good luck tomorrow,” Emma said

“Thanks, and you too good luck,” I said

And we handed over each other. The school day finished finally, and the night came, I told mom about what happened today.

“Tomorrow will be a wonderful day. I cannot wait” I said with enthusiasm.

And finally, the day came. I went to the school morning and I found Emma there.

“Honoka I want to tell I’m sorry for what happened, I didn’t mean all of that to happen,” the principal said

The students started entering the school and the principal stood on the stage. I caught Emma’s hand and our hearts started bombing.

“ Good morning, dear students. I know that you are surprised but there were a mistake and cheating in the competition and that is why we have repeated it. The English teacher of the high school students has confused and changed the names and therefore she will be expelled, and now we will announce the name of the winner, the winner of the writing contest is Emma and Honoka they both have received the same number, so would you please come to take you prizes” the principle announced.

My heart broke into pieces, and my tears fell down from happiness, yeah it was the tears of happiness, I didn’t believe it, I and Emma are the winners, we looked to each other and smiled, we went to the stage and received our gifts.

Yumi and Kotori cried and hugged me, miss Clara came and congratulated me, she kissed me too. When I went back home I found my family made for me a party, Miss Clara, Emma, The principle, Kotori, Yumi were there. We enjoyed the day with each other.

 That memory is still in my head until now, I didn’t forget it and I won’t forget it, and remember that our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them, and never give up to your dreams.





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