It Is All About My Dream

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - A Writing Competition

Submitted: July 12, 2017

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Submitted: July 12, 2017







The Days passed, and our friendship grew, day by day it grows more and more. On one of the beautiful days, our school announced a writing competition for all the school students from elementary school to high school students.

Anyone who wanted to participate in the contest should go to the English Language Manager's room to write his name among the contestants. I wanted to participate in the competition too much, so I went to the room of the English language’s manager to write my name.

While I was writing my name.  Unexpected person entered the room. That person was the girl who fought with my friends at that day. When she saw me, she smiled wickedly and turned towards me with pride and put her hand on the sheet of the names and made her head close to me.

“ Welcome, we met again, in the past times we could not talk to  each other but now we have enough time to do so, let me start firstly, my name is Emma and I’m one of the best and most successful secondary students, my mother is the principle of this school, I have the talent for writing and I have won many prizes and contests so  my name is written on the Internet with the best young writers and if you do not, believe me, you can use your mobile and search on Google for my name. I do not need to know anything about you because I do not care about you "

 She took from me the pen which I was using to write my name with, and then she completed  "and now go away from my way I need to write my name on this paper. Now I beg your permission, I am going to write the story that I will participate with it to win”

She said this with pride and arrogance. Then she left the room walking proudly, I was worried about the words that she said to me, but this did not prevent me from participating.  


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