It Is All About My Dream

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - An English literature book

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Submitted: July 16, 2017





I wrote my name and went out of the room and my mind was busy with the story which I have to participate with. I came back to my class and at the time of the break, I told Kotori and Yumi that I wrote my name and also told them about Emma's annoying.

They were very surprised and looked at me with admiration until I finished my words “Sorry, Honoka, but I do not think the idea of participating in this competition is a good idea. You have a small chance of winning. Because most of those who will participate are from upper grades. They have more experience than yours because they are older than you” Kotori said “Don’t understand us wrongly, Honoka, but do not worry about the competition, we'll be standing by you and helping you” Yumi said.

They took me to the school library and Yumi gave me a book of English literature to develop my skills. I was very impressed with the idea of the book I took the book with me after taking the permission from the library’s manager and happily she agreed to take it with me.  We returned to the class and I had the book with me, during the periods I was reading a little bit of the book especially when the teacher gets busy.

I finished the school day and quickly went home I didn't even say goodbye to Yumi and Kotori. I entered the house without saying anything to my family and quickly went up to the room and sat down on my desk and I opened the book I did all of that as the light’s speed.

"Honoka my love Is everything okay?" Mom said

"Who me? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Sorry, my mother but, can you make for me a snack? I did not eat at school". I said

My mother came up and entered the room she found me reading a book and not  changing my clothes

"O my God, what is this, my daughter, why did not you change your clothes and why did not you tell me “Hi” as usual, and Where is this book from? I want a convincing explanation for all of this." Mom said

"I'm sorry because I did not tell you hi or even anything but, I was busy with the competition and I have to finish this book as soon as possible because the competition will be two months later," I said

"Hey wait, which contest are you talking about? " mom said

"The school announced a competition of writing and there will be a jury consisting of all the teachers of English language in the school and whoever wins gets a very valuable value so I wrote my name among the contestants," I said

"my sweetheart, I’ll get down now, to prepare food for you." mom said

And quickly my mother left the room and went to the kitchen. I'm lucky because I have a mother like her I started reading quickly until my mother came to me with food and while I was reading I smelled a very delicious smell so I stopped reading because of the intensity of the smell. It was the smell of the delicious cakes prepared by my mother.  my mother entered with a plate of chocolate cake, a juice and a glass of water.

"I wish for you a good luck dear." mom said

I  completed reading  the book after I finished the food. I kept reading until the night came but I did not stop, at the midnight I gave up and slept without noticing,  I put my head on the book. I was really too much tired,  my father entered he found me without any cover so he took the cover and covered me. " CLOCK, CLOCK"

"My God, what is this inconvenience, that it is the alarm clock?oh no! I have been late to the school." I said


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