It Is All About My Dream

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Chapter 9 (v.9) - The great idea

Submitted: July 17, 2017

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Submitted: July 17, 2017



I went to the school running, I entered the school and the area was totally empty it’s  because I was late, I went to the class quickly, I  opened the door slowly so that the teacher does not feel me, I entered the class and she didn’t feel with anything.

While I was going to my seat I stepped on a pen which was on the ground and I broke it, she heard the sound of the pen, she looked at me angrily and shouted telling me “don’t interrupt my class again, go to the principle she knows what we have to do with you”.

The students laughed but Yumi and Kotori didn’t they were sad on me. I left the class sadly and went to the principle’s room, I was scared that Emma would be inside and tell her about me, I took a breath and entered.

“Good morning, Madam Sarah, my teacher asked me to come to you,” I said scarily.

“There is no doubt that you are Honoka, most of the teachers talk about you, you are an outstanding student so why are you late? Do you have a convincing reason why you are late?” the principal said.

“Actually, Madam, I participated in the writing competition. I wanted to prepare for the competition. So I started reading an English literature book all the night that might develop my skills a bit.” I said.

 The principle seemed a little bit worried when I said that I will participate “Well, it's OK, go back to your class now, but do not repeat what you did today again” the principal said.

“ thank you. I really do not know what to say and I promise you that I will not be late again” I said.

I left the room and went to the class and sat on my seat. the first period finished,

“Kotori, do not you think Honoka looks tired, I'm sad for her I really wish I could help her,” Yumi said.

“She is really tired and it looks at her, let's talk to her,”  Kotori said.

“Hey, Honoka is everything alright? You look too much sick and tired” Kotori said.

“The truth is I did not sleep very well yesterday because I was trying to finish the book and fortunately I still have only ten pages to read I will finish them today when I return home,” I said.

“Did you get an idea for the story?” Yumi said.

“Nope, at all,” I said.

“You have to hurry, the deadline will be the next month,” Kotori said.

“I really wish if I didn’t participate, it was the worst Idea I got in this whole life,” I said sadly.

“No, don’t say that Honoka, of course, you have anything, any idea, for the story, try, try Honoka,” Yumi said.

“What about writing an interesting event which happened with,” Kotori said.

 “I’m not sure about this, I wanted to write something imaginary, something interesting, I want to write an adventure,” I said.

“Nice, I love these kinds of stories,” Yumi said

“So, which adventure are you going to write?” Kotori asked.

“I wanted to write an adventure I’ll be the hero and you both will be with me,” I said.

“Nice idea, but, do You know what the events are?” Yumi asked.

“well… I’m not sure, I was going to ask you both what are your best kinds of adventures?” I asked.

“ I love those kinds of adventures travel in it in time,” Kotori said

. “ I love the ones which are like Harry Potter movies, I love magic, and of course it’s a must for an evil character to exist,” Yumi said.

While I was listening to what Yumi and Kotori were saying, I came up with a  wonderful idea for the story. “Hellooo, Honoka are you with us?” Kotori asked.

I stood up and left my seat then I hugged Yumi and Kotori. “Yumi Kotori you are geniuses thanks a lot, I got a very great idea, I’ll go now to Miss Clara,” I said happily. I left the class and run to miss Clara’s room.   


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