one sided love

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The day we met…….

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



As the sun rises the day begins…. Birds makes there first fly of the day to get early sunshine….a steady wind blew to the room….. And the alarm starts to ring…… Jamie wakes up and turn off the alarm….. And goes for bath.

Later he comes out of his room goes to the kitchen where his mom is making breakfast for his family……he eats the breakfast and goes to his room to get ready for his school. He checks his school bag and makes sure that everything is in it… and he leaves his house to get to school on time…. He is just average student with low profile, he don’t have any friends…no one tries to know him and he also does not try know others, he is not socially active person….he is in his own world where nothing is special for him but the world was about to change for him…..

He reaches his school. It is first day of school after a summer break new semester was started of his first year of his high school. He goes to his classroom and sit on his regular seat. The classroom was very lively all of his other classmates was having fun. Guys was talking about all the stuffs like movies, girls, and etc. few were talking about their holiday break like how they spent their time while having fun. Girls were talking about all the fashion and sales stuff….. But Jamie was sitting on his seat alone with no one to talk. He was just observing and looking at everyone.

Like that class begins and teacher comes to class. And he invites new student to classroom and the student was beautiful, gorgeous girl….. With beautiful long black hair, a girl like an angel. “God must have been showing off when he was creating her”. She instantly catches everyone’s eyes…. All the boys were excited to have beautiful girl in their class. She also catches eyes of Jamie. He was not able to stop looking at her instantly his heart was started beating faster. A new feeling was rising in his heart. He was not sure what is happening with him. He was totally confused. Everything was new for him.

The teacher asks her to introduce herself to the class. Her voice was really gentle and sweet. “Hello everyone, I am Amy Jackson. I just moved here from Stanwood, I was in girl’s school in Stanwood and was living in school’s hostel but my family lives here. I was all alone there so I decided to live here with them. So I got transferred to this school” And she finishes her introduction by saying “thanks for having me, I hope we all can together well”

All boys were excited to have her……

Jamie was sitting around the corner of class there was an empty seat. He was looking at her and teacher asks Amy to sit near Jamie. He was already experiencing an unknown feeling after seeing her and teacher asks her to sit near him…..?

He didn’t knew what to do…. He was totally confused. She comes and sits to next him on empty seat and says “hi”. He was unable to reply to her. He was completely nervous but still tries his best and says “hi”.

So the class starts everyone was paying attention in the class but Jamie’s mind was not in the class. It was only thinking about the beautiful girl who was sitting next to him and he also didn’t know anything about the feeling he was experiencing. He was looking at her during whole class she didn’t noticed him. But she looks at him and says “focus on class”. Jamie completely get scared and stops looking at her. He was a loner boy with no friends and didn’t knew how to talk with anyone. And he was staring at a beautiful girl who just joined the school. He was having many thoughts about getting complaint from teacher and all……he got more nervous and didn’t knew how to handle the situation.

And the bell rings and his last class finishes for the day…..

Jamie didn’t knew what to do if anything bad happens if she complaints to the teacher….. So he talks to her and wants to apologies to her….

“Excuse me Amy, I want to apologies about what happened earlier” he says that with nervousness.

 Amy looks at him……and she is completely confused. She just joined the class and the unknown boy is apologizing her. “I don’t know what are you talking about and why are you apologizing? ”…..Amy replies.

Jamie wanted to apologies for earlier incident but he got feeling that she doesn’t not anything or maybe that it’s not big deal for her. But still he wants to make things clear so he replies “I want to apologies about staring at you during class and was not paying attention to class”.

 “I don’t know about that… I just saw that you was not concentrating in class so I said to do so.”…. Amy replied

Jamie gets more confused and don’t know what to do or what was going on….he says “ohh okay” and goes back to his seat.

Amy stops him and asks his name….he says “Jamie anderson”

“I am Amy…nice to meet you Jamie… and pay attention in class it’s not good for you if you don’t concentrate”

Jamie replies…. “I will….and nice to meet you too….bye”

As it happens Jamie gets little relief after the whole event and leaves the classroom after all the stuff happened on his first day of school. His heart was still beating faster, having this unknown feeling and her image was constantly in front of his eyes.

He goes to home as quickly as possible because of having encounter like that for the first time and the unknown feeling was rising making him more nervous and uncomfortable. He didn’t knew what to do. And he reaches his home.

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