one sided love

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The unexpected guest….

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



After coming home he was not feeling well……a lot happened in the day for him and it was his first experience for something like that. He was never thinking about anything else before…… his life was based on single fix routine. So he never have to think about anything else but rise of an unknown feeling was bit too much for his current lifestyle. Since he saw her his mind was only thinking about her.

And later that night he was still unable to stop thinking about her and was unable to sleep that night. And in the morning he was not ready for school. He gets little fever….the reason for that was too much stress and not sleeping in night. So he skips his school for that day……

It wasn’t normal to get too much stressed from something like that but as for his condition it was too much.

Meanwhile, Amy goes to school and attends the classes for the day but as she found out that Jamie the boy was there next to her was not there today…. And he didn’t came to school that day.

Teacher calls Amy to meet her after the class is over. So Amy visits her in staff room.

“May I come in teacher?” Amy requests.

“Yes, please come”... Teacher replies.

“Amy please fill up this form to complete your transfer process”

And she starts to fill up the form in which she has to write about personal details like address and parents contact details. She fills the form and submit to the teacher.

Amy asks teacher a question while she was checking the details.

“Mam, do you know why Jamie didn’t came to school today?”

“Ya… but why are you asking that?” teacher replies.

“I was just curious that it’s just second day of school and he didn’t came to school today”… Amy replies.

“ohh… I see… actually he was not feeling well today he has fever I think…. He called in the morning and informed me” she said.

As she was checking the form… “Actually he lives near you… if you want you can visit him…. you are new to this town….it’s good to make new friends. I can give you his address”

“ya… sure. I will”… Amy replies.

And Amy leaves to go home. She is a friendly person. She likes to make friends and in her previous town she got many friends but here she don’t many people so she thought it was good idea to visit him. Her dad owns chemist shop so she also knows lot about all the stuff. She takes few medicines from the store and leaves to visit him.

On the way she also buys few fruits for him. And looks around for the address. It was apartment building just few blocks away from her house. So it was not difficult to search. She enters in the building goes to the 8th floor of building where he was living. And uses door bell.

Jamie was sleeping alone in the house…. His mom was not in the house she went to meet her friend and his dad was in the office. He was trying to get sleep but was not able to sleep. And he heard the doorbell…… somehow he manages to get up from his bed and checks opens the door as he was not feeling well.

As he opens the door he gets shocked….. “It was Amy” the girl who joined the class yesterday was at doorstep of his house. She was looking more beautiful as she was wearing beautiful white top with brown leather jacket and nice blue jeans. She was looking like a model. Jamie just started staring at her.

“Hi Jamie, good evening” Amy greets him.

“Hi” confused Jamie replies.

“What brings you here Amy?” Jamie asks her.

“Actually, you didn’t came to school today and I heard from teacher that you have fever. And I just live few blocks away so I came to visit you” Amy replies.

“ohh….Thank you so much….. Please come in” and Jamie let her inside his house.

Jamie didn’t knew how to talk with her. Its first time that any of his class student came to visit him. He usually don’t talk with anyone so he didn’t knew what to do or how to talk with her. He was getting more nervous.

But on the other hand Amy is friendly girl who likes to make new friends and she is good with talking too.

Jamie let Amy to sit in living room and goes to kitchen to get some water for Amy. And he offers her a glass of water.

“Thanks…. So how are you feeling now?” Amy asks him with a smile. She looks so beautiful with her cute smile.

“Well, it’s nothing much. I just got little stressed and couldn’t sleep at night so because of that I got little fever.” Jamie replies.

“Here… take this. These are few medicines and fruit which I brought for you” while Amy passes the bag to Jamie.

“Medicines?” Jamie questioned.

“Well, actually my dad owns chemist shop so brought these from him. I said that I am going to visit you so he handed these to me for you. So you can get better” Amy replies.

“Thank you so much”.

For Jamie it’s something new and special for him to get a visit from his classmate. He looked little happy. For him it’s like a dream.

“Actually its first time that any of my classmates came to visit me to my home…” Jamie says.

“Why is that?” Amy looks at him with confused face and asks.

“Actually I am not good with talking to other classmates and because of that I don’t have any friends.” He replies that with a depressed voice.

“Cheer up… its ok….it happens with few people.” Amy trying to change his mood by cheering up with her cute smile.

“And… even I don’t have any friends here. I just moved here so I also don’t know anyone else. So it’s normal”.

Jamie looks at her and thinks that it can happen with anyone. And he thinks that “it would be great if I can be friends with her….”

“Amy…. Can we be friends?” Jamie asks her.

“Why not? It would be great.” Amy replies instantly with a cute face.

Jamie feels really happy after getting instant reply from her. She was his first classmates who became his friend.

“Thank you so much” Jamie says.

“You don’t have to say thanks for that” she replies.

“Well, actually I have to go to market so I will take my leave now… take proper rest and get well soon.” Amy says.

“Ya… sure and thanks for visiting me. See you soon at school.” Jamie replies as Amy leaves his house.

Jamie was feeling better after her visit. He was so happy to be her friend. He was looking forward to see her again at school. His nervousness while talking to others was also disappearing slowly and he was getting little comfortable to talk with others.

He gets rest for that night to get better and go school as soon as possible.

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