The Choice Between The Light And The Dark

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After a sudden death, a man must make a choice.

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



I was just driving home from work
Listening to the radio in the background 
Zoned out, I wasn't aware of my surroundings 
The last thing I remember was the powerful headlights in dark night
And the incredible force placed upon my mortal body
Then there was nothing
I was standing there, in the nothingness
But two figures stood on either side of me 
A being of light, and a being of darkness blacker than the nothingness 
They both whispered in my ears, of promises 
Promises of power and strength
But promises of peace and happiness 
They were seeking to know something 
The worth of a man's soul
To know whether he is led by evil and greed
Or goodwill and compassion 
I felt the rage of evil, I felt its claws of death trying to grasp my soul 
But I felt the love of peace, a warm breeze of serenity and tranquillity 
My soul torn into two, I had to make a choice 
All my life I was treated badly 
I was just a joke, I was never treated fairly 
Evil's grasp on my soul was final, its claws were wrapped around my heart
I heard the light begging me to come with it 
But I had made my decision 
I took evil's hand, down into the burning depths 
I watched the brilliant light fade as I descended 
I was now something more than a human
I am the God Of Death
I take from people, I take what they least appreciate 
I take what they forget they have 
I take life 
And drag others down into blackened flaming depths 
I am Death

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