My Review on The Fields of Grief by Giles Blunt

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My Review on The Fields of Grief by Giles Blunt

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



My Review on The Fields of Grief by Giles Blunt:

This is my review on a book by Giles Blunt called Fields of Grief.
It is about a murder of detective John Cardinal’s wife Catherine who plummets to her death after losing her battle with depression. Everyone is sure it was a tragic suicide, as there’s a note. Everyone but Catherine’s husband John. Stricken with grief and guilt; Cardinal conducts an investigation of his own assisted by his reluctant colleagues. When mysterious notes appear taunting for his loss, Cardinal’s theory suddenly seems to be credible. He then revisits his past, searching for a possible suspect among his previous arrests. Someone who has a grudge; a person twisted enough to target his innocent wife in revenge. But when more mysterious suicides are discovered, the investigation takes a very different turn, leading to a startling new possibility. One is that it is so shocking, it had never been suspected!
I was hooked by this book as the wife of the detective suffered with mental health problems as do I! I found the story very interesting and could not put the book down from beginning to end and was shocked to discover the identity of his wife’s killer! It felt to me as if I was on John Cardinal’s mission with him to unmask the truth of his wife’s murder and by his determination and hard work he was able to find the killer and therefore his wife received her justice as the killer had pretended that she had committed suicide and would be facing life behind bars!

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