Dragon Ranger: Saga Of Omega

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You may have heard of “The Tragic Legend”. Of how an evil Dark Dragon by name Armageddon sought to exterminate humans and rule Ryugaeia. You may have also heard of the Dragon Knights who fought back and the Dragons who united their spirits to create the Dragonheart.
But another legend was about to be born in our times, a legend of a king who would be like no other, who would be a warrior like no other yet without the desire for war. A king who would come to be known as the ‘Wise One Of The Unison Courts’. This legend would come to be known as “The Hopeful Legend” and how did this legend begin?
It began many centuries after the formation of two great kingdoms. The greatest kingdoms of our age. The kingdom of Saggeese, which represented the ‘Wisdom’ of Ryugaeia and the kingdom of Novatio which represented the ‘Light’ of Ryugaeia.
In accordance with the will of God, Alpha the Dragon Sovereign and ruler of all Material Light gifted Kamikaze the Dragon’s Eye with a vision. The Royal Family of Saggeese would be blessed with twins and the one gifted with the name of “Light” would rule Saggeese. In this way God was declaring that the Light of Ryugaeia would rule over the Wisdom of Ryugaeia. Many understood this to mean that Novatio would rule over Saggeese and dissatisfaction arose in the kingdom when King Hiram Saggeese made clear his intentions to make Princess Aurora Saggeese, his daughter, his heir after his death though Jared was the rightful heir.
This dissatisfaction you could say gave birth to an evil by the name of Erikkus Di Devilli. It was well known that the Queen was barren so to degrade the miracle of the birth of these two children, Erikkus Di Devilli spread rumours that they couldn’t possibly be the children of the King and Queen. The people felt betrayed and their anger became even worse.
Then six years later, Galigaos, the Crimson Swordsman of Darkness, under the orders of Di Devilli made an assassination attempt on the lives of young Aurora and Jared Saggeese and that was when he first appeared; the principal guiding force for our time. The man called Jinrai the Lightning Blade. He defeated Galigaos with the power of the Golden Drakenga?rd and rescued the heirs but a greater tragedy had occurred. The King and Queen had been assassinated by Erikkus Di Devilli himself and so it was that the Wisdom of Ryugaeia would be ruled by darkness instead of Light.
Jinrai looking to the future entrusted his own father with the task of training and preparing his son, then he himself began to train and prepare the heirs. Years later, he entrusted them into the hands of the guild he himself belonged to, the Dragon Rangers.
Due to an encounter of fate with three Dragon Rangers, his own son would make it there. His name was Reis Dragonha?rt. On a mission to Saggeese, it appeared several Dragon Rangers lost their lives including Jared Saggeese. The grief was enough to dim the light in Aurora’s heart but due to Reis’ courage, she managed to break free of her pain.
Alpha appeared to Reis in dreams offering him guidance whenever he was about to hit a roadblock and by a twist of fate, Reis was able to unify the fragments of Ar?lpheisl which involve acknowledgement from the most vital parts of Ryugaeia; the human princess, the Kaignis King, the Golden Drakenga?rd and the Dragon Sovereign. By unifying these fragments, Ryugaeia underwent a mysterious change but the effects are still just barely noticeable.
And then a year passed. We were now definitely aware that the captured rangers were alive and began to make plans to rescue them. Little did we know then that the Dragon Knights scattered around the world would begin to make their own arbitrary moves and soon, we would all have to unite to confront Armageddon. Our only key to defeating Armageddon was a song Reis’ parents left behind;
“What is a heart or rather who is the Heart?
So fragile that it can be rended apart.
One part strong, one part weak,
Broken He appears but wholeness He seeks
Origins and Endings, two contradictory ideals
But brothers they are and as one they feel.
Strong and weak,
Broken and whole,
Add one more element, when these two become One
They beckon to Him, the Heart
For when Human meets Divine, He will be born,
The Heart That Destroys Armageddon…
And His name is…Benedict!”

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Submitted: July 04, 2017

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