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Why the children want to crash,
And throw things, and break, and smash?
Well, they want just to create,
And for them destruction's great.

Why men like to fight in wars,
To combat and scatter blows?
Well, for them to ruin is
Often their masterpiece.

But the children are excused
For to build they are not used.
Where grown men are much worse
For they like to shatter first.

All in all, in every deed
Some destruction you will need,
And if even you are god
You must wield the crushing rod.

Year, but if the case is such,
You first ponder and then touch,
Do it carefully, calm,
Don't spread horror but give balm.

Otherwise, or if for fun
You've done it, — the case's not done.
For, flown certain proper time,
And your work costs not a dime.

That's because the things react,
They regroup and build new packs,
And in turn make you regret
Silly brandishing the bat.

And especially that's true
When to folks you something do,
For they can accumulate
And return, but when it's late.

So you hit and you are hit
Growing clever not a bit.
Hence, you better don't give blows
To avoid much ahs and ohs.

July 2011


Many days have passed unnoticed
Each one never to return;
Rolled have they as stones in abyss
Run and crash with next in turn.
Yeah, they gone have as do clouds
Cross in windy day the sky —
Hurried just as band of scouts
Race and trot but don't know why.
It was thus the year ended,
Slipped as soap from a hand,
To give space for newly sent with
Many happy days to land.
All the best I wish you now,
Sorrow never to reach thee,
Toast I drink to you with bowl
Overfilled with mirth and glee.
Yule is now, this is true,
Oughtn't to be sad or blue!
Use your time, God be with you!

Xmas, 1996

PER[verted pro]VERBS

A dollar a day
keeps one on the bay.

Don't cast pearls, nor your old jeans,
if it is beyond your means.

Every crowd
clames some folly aloud.

Early bird
is always pert.

God hepls those
whose thoughts are ... prose.

He who pays the piper is,
surely, capitalist.

All's well
that makes money swell.

Who's born to be hanged
may easily ... own a bank.

Simpathy without relief
turns a man to a ... beef.

Still waters run,
so you'd better ... buy a gun.

In for a penny,
but if you've any.

turns easily to obsessity.

The die shouldn't be cast
if it's made out of glass.

God forbid,
if you can't amend it.

To bark up the wrong tree
the best choice, sometimes, might be.

Tying the loose ends
often doesn't make sense.

July, 2002


Submitted: July 06, 2017

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Bert Broomberg

I liked these poems. My favourite part is the perverted proverbs section.

Thu, July 6th, 2017 10:16pm


Well, thanks, but how about my "Sounds impossible"? Because I, see, am not native speaker and am always afraid that can make some silly error, but in the verses it usually is not so important. These are old things, some of them are added as Appendices to my social essays, they are more or less read, for non-fiction matters, but my readers till now were on Russian sites and the Russians have nearly always bad knowledge of English, and especially pronunciation. So that it would have been good for me if you say something about my English (unless this German Bert etc. does not mean also non English speaking person).

Fri, July 7th, 2017 8:17am

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