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support comes in many forms.. sometimes unseen.....

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



Mina had always been an independent girl.. She never even believed in the existance of any unnatural forces that help people in their existance and help them to regain their place in the world where they had lost it ... Her mother would always tell her to help and support theneedy if required and even if cant do anything at least support them by being beside them.. Her mother would tell her that help and support would come back and god will help her if she supports the needy..

Mina always argued with her mother that there is nothing like god in our existance and the only thing that can support her in her life is herself..

Then He came.. He, whom she had never imagined to see in her life.. He,, The God Himself.. The Rudra stood before her in her dream..

At first she ould not believe in her eyes.. Rudra was standing in front of her? The Rudra? The God of Destruction Himself??? 

Then she heard.." why do you always have to behave this way huh? do you have any idea how you hurt me every time you say that you don't believe in me? do you have any idea about the fact that I myself always keep my eyes on you and take care of you in each and everything?  stop being like this or I'll have to let go of you.. and I certainly do not wish to do that.. all you have to do is to call for me whenever you need me. thats all.. I will always be with you.."

When she woke up she could not believe in her own dream and she did tell her mother about it.. her mother said that Rudra had gotten angry with her.. and that she would have to repent for her sins which she committed by not acknowledging him beforehand..

Mina had never been more scare in her life.. all she could think was that " if I can't love and respect you from the depth of my heart then how can I have you as my god? is it ok for me to call you only cause you asked me to? is it ok to respect you because I'm scared of you?"

Mina could not make her mother understand what was going through her mind.. but she did understand that she possibly cant respect someone out of fear alone..

So bit by bit she started to try and understand her reason to respect Him.. At first it was futile, but then she asked Him to support her in her effort to acknowledge His presence. 

She eventually remembered bits and pieces from her past and started to realize that it was she that had forgotten about him with time.. She did speak to Him and asked Him for favours when she was younger..

He was always there for her in time of her need..

'Realization hit her..

She had never been more sad in her life.. She forgot about the only support she had at the time of her needs since she was a little girl. She even forgot to love and remember Him.. And here He was asking her to love him back and to take her place back.. 

Mina could no longer be the same girl she once was from the very moment she realized it.. " He was the one to support me all along.. and I forgot that? I can no longer be like this.. I need to change myself to someone He can be proud of.."

Mina since then started to help and support people from her heart .. Even when she realizes that this person needs to be helped through words she did it because her life had changed fully thanks to the support given to her by someone whose existance was an arguement for most people.. someone whose presence can't be proven that easily..

But her life and point of view changed totally due to Him.. and now other people supported her due to her responsive support to them.. 

So support came in herlife in a form which she could never describe in her life.. She knew that He was always standing beside her and supporting her every moves with love and care..


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