Tattoo’s A New Choice After A Mastectomy

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what is beauty? For me it is not about a perfect body or face. It’s about being “You” and being proud of who you are. That’s true beauty in all its glory. Read how women are having tattoo's to help heal their scars and make them feel like a butterfly again

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



Today we see many men and women suffering and even dying from cancer. It is a disease that shows no mercy to its suffers . It is not selective and does not care about any of us.

When faced with the news that you have cancer, there are many many factors to consider along with the news that you have just received.

Some of the treatments and even operations will leave you with temporary or even permanent effects on your body.

With this is mind there are some very creative and caring people out there that have come forward to help.

This help comes in the form of “Tattoos” or “Tittoos” as they are becoming more widely known as.

A man or a woman could have a mastectomy to have one or two breasts removed. Also not all operations are because you have cancer, there are some elective surgeries that are being performed, due to the fact that a certain gene you are carrying could develop into cancer, especially if you have a family member who carries the gene and has been diagnosed with cancer.

Constructive surgery is not always an option as there might be too much scare tissue. It may be that after having such an invasive procedure and the emotional and mental strain it has put on your body, you might decide that enough is enough and don’t want anymore and just want to go home.

Why would you opt for a tattoo?

After surgery many people feel that they are no longer beautiful, or attractive and they develop low self esteem and feel less confident. When looking in the mirror and seeing all the scars it is a constant reminder of what has happened and what having cancer has done to their body. Its very hurtful and they often struggle to overcome this.

Having a tattoo is changing this for many people. A individually selective piece of art is created just for you. Something that you feel when looking at it will help you heal inside and out. It is proving to be very successful in transforming life’s. Life’s and bodies have changed but through this procedure people are seeing a new way forward.

Where did all come about?

madame lazonga.00_jpg_srz

Vyvyn Lazonga, a tattoo artist  discovered that you could tattoo over scar tissue. Now after over 43 years she dedicates half of her practice to women who have had mastectomies.She works in a shop in Seattle. She has been quoted as saying she is unsure if she was the first to discover this, but she is definitely someone who has brought it to the attention of everyone worldwide.

New organisations have come on board here I feature (Personal Ink) There goal is the following:

To help people realize there is a third option after reconstruction surgery or not. Through there website and awareness campaigns they connect breast cancer survivors with tattoo artists who can provide a form of healing. Visit there site as it contains tattoo artists from the UK and around the world that can perform this type of tattoo.

Here is a superb video of their work. Many of the people featured have never had a tattoo.They share their stories and fears, but most of all how amazing they felt after getting there life changing tattoo.

Nipple tattoo

This is also a new area. This is also featured in this video. Having a nipple tattooed on to a breast that has had surgery.

As you can see and hear the changes it has made is truly remarkable.

Breast Cancer Care

An excellent website to visit for us all to visit is

Breast cancer care is not just for people who have had cancer. It is a site that we can visit for advice on regularly checking your breasts and how to do this. Any signs and symptoms you may have. From early detection, treatment that may or may not include surgery, post op advice and help and all the latest treatments and options which includes tattoos.

I sincerely hope that I have somehow managed to bring new awareness to you all where there was none before. To bring new hope and to say that no matter what happens we are all beautiful Butterflies that have transformed and emerged.

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