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Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



Lifestyles with fake smiles

House with no food, 

But I'm the one with the bad attitude

Bringing home stuff from the garbage

You'd say I'm ungrateful and I just have a hard head

Because of a house full of bugs

I turned to the thugs

Dark ambitions sharp as a knife

Holding in my hands a dream of a better life

On the market like merchandise

Lacking proper parenting so I couldn't grow

Felt stronger family ties inside a group of broken women sniffing up blow


What is a dad,

When his kids just a fad,

When I went out of style it was just "too bad"


16, 17, 18

All my wrong turns went un-seen

Losing respect for myself made me very mean

Smoked so much I couldn't see

Worked way to hard to save up money

Dying to move into a better house 

Cause I didn't want to eat like a mouse

Wanted to feel better about myself 

Cause no one feels good living in a trap house


What is a father 

When he doesn't bother

To raise his only daughter 


Asking why I'm never sober

It all started the day I went to meet a stranger driving a range rover

And that's when my life became over

Getting lost in the mases

Can't rewrite my life so I burnt its pages

There's no sobriety in coping

When it's money in exchange for groping

That's where my life went 

And it wasn't worth the money spent 

All because you living situations were un-kempt

You neglected and I'm the one that's affected

I blame you as the cause

So here's your round of applause 


So what is a dad,

When I was just a fad

When I went out of stlye my life got bad

And what is a father 

When you just couldn't bother

And you shouldn't have bothered

Cause you could never raise your only daughter




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