but thats my past

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Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



when im clean i feel dirty 

when i sin i feel clean 

only a few will know what i mean 

32 years old still cant believe what i seen 

i try hard not to be mean to others

(but shit happens)

as a kid my father was always around

but still a stanger to me and my brother 

so we grew close to my mother 

learned the game fast 

but that was all in the past 

had every thing be4 that 2005 crash 

lost more then i would ever come to think 

at the time i didnt know what i had

now the thought of lossing what i lost maskes me sad.

but the was the past. 

even though you can see my face 

im wearing a thick mask 

but not like jim carrey 

2 some my life was scary 

but that was the past 

i learned early that tomarrow is never promised 

so everday is now a blessing 

never find me 2d guessing 

they say lifes a leason 

but im a 9th grade drop out 

i learned early what this life was bout 

didnt think id make it to 18.

(realist shit i wrote)

at 20 i was in a coma 

and i never saw my life flash me by 

that was the 1st time my father cried

then went back to being a stranger

even though we didnt know one other 

he was always there(just not as i needed)

so i turned to what i knew best

hit the pills and bottle hard.

but that was in the past

i was never a role model but they always followed 

cant believe how much pillz i could swallow 

everyday for over 13 years

many couldnt handle my fears 

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