My Life's Misery

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Because whats better than listening to others misery?

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



Everybody needs a little push in life. That little nudge that starts the day. The one thing that keeps you going even when everything is going wrong. You would probably say High School is the most dramatic school region of them all. Its not true. Elementary school has its own horrors too. Thats why I decided to write a book all about it. I wont reveal the people each character is based off. I’ll give you a hint. The main character is me. Maybe the person I always wanted to be. This is a short version of my life... I hope you enjoy!


New School. New Life. Well not really. I’ve been at this school all my life. I never moved or lost any friends. Well, thats not entirely true. About now I feel like my life is going to end. It may seem perfect at first. But its really just a day in a life with me, Madison Woods. Its the middle of summer. Summer reading is due but, Im waiting. Im at home while all of my friends are on vacation. Probably your everyday summer. Going on vacation, Catching up on social media, Hanging out with friends, and maybe just at home relaxing. A normal summer for most people. But I should start at the beginning. 



1 Year Old ~~~ I live in an entirely different place than I do now. I remember living in that city…The harbor ships, The cars honking, People everywhere, and different things everyday. Thats what it is like in a big city. I dont live in one anymore though. I remember our small house. It was connected to every other house on our street. It was the one brick one with the broken steps. Our backyard about as small as a big coffee table. Not the luxurious city life. I always did love it there. Visiting it from time to time. But I love it at home better. This city is where I made my first friend, Jack. Or maybe it was Noah. Either way one of them was. I barely know him but he was the only friend younger than me. Not much chaos here. Babies get all the attention though. 




3 Years Old ~~~ I move to where I am now. A nice average town that I love. Its pretty boring as of now. I knew nobody here. I remember preschool…It was some of the happiest days of my life. I met my friends Lillian, Zack, Sierra, Conner, Madison, and Kathy. Pretty much everybody in my class. I barely remember them. I remember Zack well…We grew up together until he moved schools in 2nd grade. He doesn’t even know who I am anymore. Lillian was a good friend. I have this mini pouch she left in my car. I never got the chance to give it back. And Conner…Haha…Anytime I was with him we got in trouble. Wether it was spilling out all the plastic play food during playtime or doing odd things in music class. We still got in trouble. Sierra was a very pretty tall girl in our class. We didn’t realize it at the time. On St. Patrick’s day she hid behind a tree and stuck out her arms. We thought she was a leprechaun! Yeah, I made a friend by thinking they were a leprechaun. Madison, She was nice. She had the same name as me. Except she was the opposite personality of me. I barely remember Kathy we weren’t great friends.



3 Years Old Continued ~~~ Our preschool teacher was very nice. Probably one of the nicest teachers I ever had. Every time I went into the classroom I was terrified. I didn’t trust anybody. I would hide behind my mom. It took at least twenty minutes for me to get inside. Actually, In ten of those minutes I had calmed down. But I still wouldn’t go in. The thing is, I guess I was a smart preschooler. I wouldn’t go in because I wanted to ring the teachers bell. She always rang the bell when she was starting class. And I was always the last one there. It usually worked so, good for me! The preschool playground was huge to us. There was only four swings and EVERYBODY and I mean everybody wanted one. So we all raced to the swings screaming. Zack, He never got on a swing unless I was on too. I bet he doesn’t even remember. Im literally crying right now remembering this. I am very emotional though. Maybe I had a tiny…teensy…okay…big crush on him. He would always close his eyes and scream “Who turned the lights off!” And we found this hilarious. He always had great ideas, well great to us. Sometime I would sit alone and he would be there next to me. Then again, he kicked me in the face once. I have been wanting to say this so much : lol. YES I DID IT ! I SAID IT! Okay back to the story. 


5 Years Old ~~~ Im probably in what…Kindergarten or first grade? I somehow always ended up in the same class as Zack, DESTINY. But destiny wouldn’t take him away from our school. He is just at the same district as me. Just far away and he doesn’t remember me. I was probably the shyest person on earth. You think you’re shyer? Wanna make a bet? Im just kidding. I didn’t talk for half of my life! I wouldn’t speak to anyway. Which means…I had no friends. I mean, I knew kids but I never talked to them. Turns out I have been living next to my best friend for basically my whole life. During this time I met, Bella. Bella moved away when I was eight. Its been three years but, I cant get over her. I just cant. I always went over to her house. We’d play in her window. A bay window. Ever seen Girls Meets World? Its kind like her and me. Except we didn’t like the same guy or go to the same school. We just always had moments in her bay window…



7 Years Old ~~~ I probably should also mention I have two younger brothers. And I got a fish around this time. I named after my crush. This fish lived three years. I miss it so much. This crush also moved away. So Im in like second grade now. The time where I never talked and I did talk. When I talked I guess I was enjoyable. Probably not though. And then my life fell apart. I gained this ability to change my voice. Yes, it seems so normal. But, I could make my voice sound like a four year olds. I could do it on command. So I started to talk to this girl her name was Corey. And I accidentally started to that voice. Everybody tells me my old photos of me when I was little are adorable! So that adorable voice plus me. Maximum cuteness. Probably not but, thats what people say. And so people started to do “Open the gate, who do you hate, thats your date!” And kept making more and more versions of it. My friend did a version “Cut the pickle! Whose your friend? Thats your friend!” Since it wasn’t embarrassing. I chose Corey as the person. And she told me to use the same person every time and I did. So when they did the date thing everybody thought I was…you know what. And I physically couldn’t get out of the baby voice. My life had ended.



9 Years Old ~~~ I talk to people again. Im in fourth grade at this time region. I knew everybody’s name. I had a ton of best friends life was great. Until I did a story generator. I did a story generator with one of my friend Aliah. It was a fill in the blanks for a funny love story. We decided to do another one of our friends names as one of the sidekicks. It turned out to make a story about how my character Madison fell in love with the other friend Nelly. It was a funny story and just for fun. I didn’t even make it. Aliah rushed to Nelly and told her about the story. Aliah had told Nelly I made up the story all on my own. And thinking that Nelly was mad she didn’t tell her about the generator. I didn’t know about this until afterwards. Nelly came to me and asked me about it. I told her the story and she seemed fine on how the generator made it. Nelly asked Aliah on why she lied. I dont know what happened then but I was about to sit down for lunch. When Aliah walked up to me and screamed at me into my face “WE AREN’T FRIENDS ANYMORE! I WILL NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND! WHY DID YOU DO THIS?” I was so confused. I said I was sorry but she bursted out furious. I sat down next to my friends trying to hold back the tears. Aliah and I are friends again, but I think she still might hate me a little. Nelly wasn’t even mad. She was just disappointed when Aliah lied to her face. 



10 Years Old ~~~ About a month or two ago. In fifth grade. Fifth grade had the best teachers in the whole school. It was so fun. There was misery too. Some kid had thrown a stick at my eye. It hurt so badly but its fine. Except sometimes its blurry and it makes tears come down. Im loosing my best friend in the whole world. She doesnt come over anymore. Her little sister comes instead. Her little sister is so nice. But spends all day with me. When she told her sister to come home. Sam is the little sister and Breanna is the older one. So when Breanna told Sam to come home. Sam complained. I was listening quietly and I was there. Breanna had screamed at Sam “She is just the girl nextdoor!”. It hurt so much. Breanna and I were the closest. Friends forever. But now Im just the girl nextdoor…




11 Years Old ~~ Me right now. Writing about my misery to share with others. I left out some stuff. My dad had a medical condition that scared me alot. It turns out I had an older sibling, but they had died. Right now I feel like I was supposed to die. I went to the dance with somebody I barely know. Im failing math. I have lost all my friends. I had to do a dare, Ask a boy’s mom for advice on how to ask out their son. I did the dare and told them it was a dare and ran away. My best friend went over to the boy and the WHOLE GRADE. And told them what I did leaving out the dare part. I was literally about to murder her. I asked her why she did it and she said “It was hilarious! Didn’t you see how hard they laughed?”. I was about to slap that smile off her face. I tried to text her and ask why again and she never responded. Well this is my life. Because Hey, Whats better than listening to other peoples misery?
 so message meh if u wanna chat ;) 

I love having conversations with new people. I also love to make people laugh so I act dumb. But im smart. Dont try anything because im not afraid to slap you lol. Thanks <3

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