Behind The Mirror

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Ever wondered what was on the other side of the mirror? Aliah did. What happened to her...?

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017




Age : 12

Gender : Girl

Traits : Blonde Hair , Blue Eyes


Age : 14

Gender : Boy

Traits : Blonde Hair , Green Eyes


Age : 12

Gender : Girl

Traits : Red Hair , Green Eyes




((In Aliah's Bedroom))

Aliah : Tessa, Do you ever wonder if there was somebody else just like you?


Tessa : ((Ignoring Her)) What dress should I wear to prom?

*Tessa Holds Out An Emerald Green Dress and A Blue Dress*


Aliah : They are both fine. Probably that orange one though. Once I saw the mirror do something I didn't do...


Tessa : ((Sets down dresses and sits next to her)) Aliah, I dont have an orange dress. Are you even listening?


Aliah : ((Coming Back To Earth)) Sorry...You would look good in the green one. 


Tessa : ((Happily)) Great!

*Tessa goes to the bathroom to change into the bathroom to change*


Aliah : ((Silent))

*starts to do funny dances infront of the mirror*


Corey : Thats some dance...

*Knocks on door before says line*


Aliah : ((Turns around)) Corey! Mom said you weren't aloud in my room!


Corey : Uh no, You said that. Isn't it a little early to prepare for prom anyways?


Tessa : ((Coming in looking stunning and dramatically says)) Its never too early!


Aliah : ((Rolling her eyes)) The prom is a month away, Corey. You're just jealous because nobody will ask you! Everybody is going. Tessa is going with Jeremiah and Im going with Arnold. 


Corey : ((Not taking the truth)) I was planning on asking, Ellie! And Arnold is a dumb name...


Aliah : Arnold isn't a dumb name. And you already asked Ellie, she said no. 


Corey : ((blurts out)) Its none of your business! ((Runs out of room))


Tessa : ((Smiling)) He is kinda cute..


Aliah : ((Also smiling and throws dress at her)) Stop crushing on my brother!




Scene 2 : ((3:00 Am))


Tessa : Wake up, Aliah! I heard something!


Aliah : ((Waking up slowly)) Go back to bed...Its a SLEEEEPover...


Tessa : ((Shaking her)) I heard it move again! Wake up, Wake up!


Aliah : ((Finally waking up)) See nothing!


Corey : BOO! ((Jumps out of closest))


Tessa & Aliah : ((Screaming))


Corey : Ha! I wasn't even being scary


Aliah : Corey! Its the middle of the night!


((Loud sounds come from the hallway))


Aliah : Corey! The prank is over, stop it!


Corey : Im not doing it! ((Holds hands up))


((The mirror shatters))


Aliah : ((Rushes over to the mirror to see another her stepping out)) AH!


Tessa : Aliah! 


((The Aliah from the mirror grabs Aliah's hand))


Tessa & Corey : Grab onto Aliah too


Aliah : ((Screaming)) Im not a tug-a-war!


Corey & Tessa : Were sorry


Aliah: What...?


Tessa & Corey : ((Both Let Go))


((Aliah falls into the mirror and the other Aliah takes her place them all smirking. The mirror goes back to normal and Aliah is trapped in the mirror))


Aliah 2 : How do you like being the shadow now? ((Laughing))


Tessa & Corey : It was time reflections take over the world. Were reflections too. Have fun...((Walking away smirking))


Aliah : Come back! Help Somebody ((Crying and starts to fade away))



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