A Minecraft Story - The chinese Mythology World

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This is a story of three girls who explore the world of Minecraft... but it's different.

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



Chinese Mythology World

By Cute Kitten



Chapter 1

A New World


It was a calm and peaceful time in the word, then, three girls popped in. Their names were Anna, Laya, and Ali. They had never been in a world like this before. It wasn’t the texture pack that they normally used. It was different. But then they figured it out. It was the Chinese Mythology mash-up pack!


“What are we doing in this world?” asked Anna.

“I don’t know, but it looks fun!” Laya said very excited, “C’mon Ali, let’s go exploring!”

“Yeah, that sounds exciting!” yelled Ali.

“Wait, we can’t go exploring right now. The sun is going down,” said Anna looking up at the sky. “ We need to stay here for the night.”


The girls started to chop down some trees so that they could set up a fire. It was pretty cold outside. Once they had set up a fire they laid on the ground and fell asleep.


The next morning, they chopped down some more trees so that they could make some wooden tools. Once they had wooden swords, they went hunting for some food. They were pretty good at surviving out there.


They started to walk through a forest. They walked, and walked, and walked. They couldn’t find anything that would tell them how they got there.


“I’m starting to think that we’re walking in a big circle,” said Laya looking around.

Ali looked over her right shoulder to find out that they had walked past that same rock two times already. “Um, I think I’ve seen that rock before.”

“Yeah,” Laya agreed.

Anna looked around. “Maybe we should try walking in a different direction.”

Laya and Ali both nodded. Then they all started walking though another part of the forest. Eventually, they came across a gravel path. They followed it in one direction and found a whole city!


“Whoa! This is amazing!” said Ali.

“It’s the best thing that I’ve ever seen,” said Laya.

“Maybe we can find someone that can help us,” Anna said.


They walked inside the big gates and walked up a huge flight of stairs. They saw the whole city! And it was all up in the clouds! There were shops and stores, there were houses and restaurants, and right in the middle of all of it was a royal palace.


“Whoa! I want to go in there!” Laya yelled pointing at the palace.

“Yeah, me too!” said Ali.


The girls started to walk up the stairs that lead to the castle. But when they got to the top, two guards stood in front of them. One of them said, “No one can disturb the queen. Who are you?”


“Ooo! There’s a queen!” yelled Ali.

“We are all sisters that just spawned in the world, “Anna answered, “We had a hard time finding someone to tells us what this world is and how we got here. So, where are we?”


Chapter 2

Meet the Queen


The guard had a confused look on his face, “You are in Cloud City, one of the many kingdoms in the Chinese Mythology World. ,” one of the guards said, “would you like to speak to the queen?”

“Yes please.”


The guards escorted them inside and to the throne where the queen sat. Her throne was pink and teal and was covered with emoji’s. “Hello, who might you be?” she asked as we walked in.


The queen had shoulder length brown hair, greenish blue eyes, and surprisingly, she loved to wear T-Shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes. She looked very energetic.


“They wanted to speak to you,” said the other guard.

“We just spawned in this world and we don’t know where to go,” Ali said.

“So you guys just got here? You just found this city?” the queen asked.

“Yes. Can we stay in Cloud City for a couple of nights or until we can have our own house? Please?” asked Anna.

“Of course! We have guest houses on the other side of this cloud. Would you all like to share one or do you want your own?”

“We can share one, right guys?” Laya asked her sisters.

“Yeah,” said Ali.

“Can you please show us where the guest houses are, Queen… what’s your name?” Anna asked.

“My name is Queen Brianna,” she replied. “And yes, I can show you where they are.”


They headed over to the other side of the cloud and they found the guest houses. The girls said thank you to the queen and went inside. Since they were really tired, they went straight to bed.


The next morning, they borrowed some clothes and made their way to the palace again. They needed to talk to Queen Brianna. They walked inside and saw her sitting at the breakfast table with another girl. They were eating Mushroom Stew. “Good morning Queen Brianna,” Anna said.

The queen looked over at them, “Oh, good morning girls! How can I help you?” she asked.

“Oh, we were wondering, since we’re kind of stuck in this world now, we were gonna ask if, you know, if we could live in Cloud City?”

“Oh! Sure! There is a village on the cloud over there,” she said pointing to the cloud with lots of houses on it. “You can pick any of the houses that have a sign saying ‘OPEN’ on it.”

“Thank you!” yelled Laya.

“How do we get there?” asked Ali.

“Oh! All you have to do is walk across the bridges that lead from one cloud to another. I’m sure you’ll see signs everywhere,” Queen Brianna replied.

“Thank you,” said Anna.

“Before you go, would you like to eat breakfast with me and my daughter? We’re eating Mushroom Stew!”

“Ooo!” yelled Ali, “yes please.”

The girls sat down and the queen introduced them to her daughter. “Girls, meet Cienna. Cienna, meet the girls, Anna, Laya, and Ali. They’re sisters.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” Cienna said.

“Nice to meet you, too,” the sisters said at the same time. Then everyone started to laugh.


A couple minutes later when the girls were done eating, they started to head over to the other could. Right when they got outside, the saw a sign that said “Village Cloud this way”. They followed the sign and made it to the village.



Chapter 3

Meet the Neighbor


“Whoa! The houses look so cool in the Chinese Mythology Texture Pack!” yelled Laya.

“Let's go find a house!” Ali said excitedly.

They went looking for a house and saw a couple that they liked. But then, they found one that they really liked. They went and told the queen which one they wanted, then she fixed the sign, and now, the house belonged to them.


“This house is amazing!” said Anna as they walked in.


Ali ran right inside and claimed her bedroom. The houses in Cloud City were amazing. The sisters even had a heated pool in their backyard because it can get pretty cold up in the clouds.


“Wow!” Laya said looking around,  “I call this one!” She ran over to the bedroom next to Ali’s. Then, Anna walked over to the remaining bedroom.


The girls started to get settled in. They didn’t have anything to unpack because they’d only been in the world for one day. But instead, the room had everything they could ever want. Clothes, a bed, books, and lots more.


When the girls were all done, they went to explore the rest of the house. When they saw the pool, they immediately went back to their rooms, changed into their swimsuits, and jumped into the pool.


“I love it!” Ali yelled. They were splashing around and having lots of fun. They loved their new house.

Once they were done in the pool they got dried off, dressed, and decided to go meet their neighbors. They walked outside and saw that the house to the right had a sign that said “OPEN” on it. Nobody lived there.


Then they went to the house on the left which didn’t have the “OPEN” sign and knocked on the door. A couple seconds later a girl opened the door and said, “Hello. How can I help you?”

“Well, we’re the new neighbors that just moved in. We’re new here,” said Anna.

“Oh! I was wondering why they took the sign down. I’m Jaclyn. I’ve lived here a couple months now.”

“I’m Anna, and these are my sisters, Laya and Ali.”

“Hi!” Laya and Ali said at the same time.

“Hello,” Jaclyn replied.


After they talked at the front porch for a little bit, they walked around the village talking and getting to know each other more.


“Hey!” Ali yelled, “Maybe Jaclyn could meet Queen Brianna and be friends with her like we are!”

“You guys are friends with the queen?” Jaclyn asked.

“Yep! We met her yesterday,” said Laya.

“That’s cool!”


The girls started to walk over to the palace to introduce Jaclyn to Queen Brianna.

“Whoa!” Jaclyn said as they all walked inside. “I’ve never been inside the palace before. Or even met the queen. I’ve seen her around but never actually met her.”

“Ooo! You brought a friend? I love meeting new people.” Queen Brianna said walking into the room. She had on a pale green shirt and jean shorts on, and she was carrying a plate of what looked like ginger snaps.

Cienna followed behind her. She was wearing a long red T-Shirt and black shorts.


“Hi! Yes, we have a new friend. She’s our neighbor, Jaclyn,” said Laya.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” said Queen Brianna.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Jaclyn replied. Then they all headed over to the big dining table. Queen Brianna set down the plate of cookies. Everyone took one and ate it.

They were all talking and laughing and having fun with each other. But eventually they had to go home.

After they got home the girls ate lunch and went about the rest of their day. And the rest of the week. They saw Jaclyn, Cienna, and Queen Brianna, like, every day. They would live happily in Cloud City for the rest of their lives



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