in my bones

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i can feel it in the air,,,

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



i can feel it in my bones. 

i know ill die alone 

didnt think id see 19

shoulda stayed clean 

now im stuck 

stuck living life as if i was dead

many couldnt understand half the ish in my head

many will never see the good intent in my sinful actions

my life shoulda cam with captions 

there was/is alot more to everything about me 

thats why many will never understand me 

but happiness is the key. 

thats what im trying to be. 

just happy..

but i can feel it in my bones

im headed for the end

so thats why i pled through this pen(keyboard)

they all left so i guess they wernt real friends

so i know when i go ill be alone

now i dont even here their voices over the phone

used to drive me nuts trying to spilt up my time 

now i wonder if it was even worth it 

i can feel it in my bones. 

i know i wont go doing some crazy shit 

i know i wont go being wild and shit 

i know i always thought i was the shit

but its truth i turn out to be just that shit. 

nothing more then a story teller

hollaring bak on days when i was better

better then who  i am now. 

better then the norm 

its not that im conceded

i just didnt think id make 19

so i did everything to the max

i lived as if i wouldnt see torm. 

but everday tomarrow comes

mind state is just to run 

but i just say fuck it

live it up. 

never give a fuck

smile till no more luck 

im smarter as a dumb fuck 

im dumber as a smart ass 

never thought id last 

so i didnt give a fuck bout class

but i always held my head high 

i mean my head was always high 

i got some real demons in me 

they smile just like the angels in me 

the laugh like the kid in me.

they act like they are here for me.

but truth is they keep me blinded 

blinded to whats right infront of me. 

whats aheaded me.

i see no future

i can feel it in my bones

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