Airi's new job

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Reworking of my previous stories. In this Airi starts her new job working at P.Q.P (Pendleton Queen Park), Everything started out normal enough until one of Airi's coworkers tell her she is being stalked by the parks mascot who isn't just some person in a bee costume.

Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



Airi’s New Job


In the reflection of a skinny rectangular shaped mirror that hung on a slightly dirty white wall by a nail, a young woman with light dark skin, dark eyes and curly black hair looked herself over. Her attention was focused on the clothes she was wearing which consisted of a light brown button up shirt with her name ‘Airi’ written on the shirt pocket, dark brown mini skirt and dark brown high heels. 

 “You look really pretty in that outfit, Airi” said Destiny, Airi’s youngest, who was standing right next to Airi.

“Really, you think it looks good on me?”

“Yes, I think you look really good in it.”

 Airi bent down and gave her baby sister a kiss on the cheek. “You’re so sweet, Destiny. I guess it those look good on me.”

“Can I please go with you to the park?”

“Let me get use to my job first. You can come with me later, ok?”

“All right,” said Destiny. She then continued, “I want to see the Rin’s Lake, for I heard its water is made from blood. I also want to see Byzantine.”

“I’m pretty sure they just put red dye into the lake in order to give it that appearance, however, it would still be cool to see it.” She continued, “I’ll take you to see it soon, ok?”

Destiny nodded her head.

 Moments later, Airi was standing at attention alongside two other women as she faced her boss. One of the women was obviously in her early twenties with white skin and long black hair that went past her shoulders. The other woman also looked like she was in her early twenties and was chubby with dark skin and long black hair that stretched down to her chest. Standing in front of the three women was a slightly chubby, gray haired man who stood with both hands behind his back.

  “Serena and Yasmine, I would like to introduce you to our newest ranger, Airi.” Said the man while gesturing to Airi with one of his hands.

 “Nice to meet you, Airi,” said both women as they shook Airi’s hand.

“Nice to meet you as well.” Said Airi with a smile on her face.

 “Our daily routine will steal go on,” said the man. “Serena, you will continue patrolling the western side of the park, Yasmine you will stay in the watchtower and I will steal patrol the Northern part. Airi your job will be to patrol the Eastern part of the park, got it?”

 “Yes sir” said the women (Airi being the last).

 “OK ladies, let’s get to it.”

 Yasmine took her position on top of the watch tower, which was located near the park’s entrance, whilst the other three started patrolling their areas.  Taking hold of the radio that was laying in the holster on her side, Yasmine said, “I made it on top.”

 “Great, is everybody else in position?” Asked the man. 

“I’m at my spot, John” said Serena.

 “How about you Airi?” Asked John.

 “I’m patrolling the Eastern section.”

 “Good, remember to use your walkie talky quickly if anything happens, all right ladies.”

 All the ladies conformed that they understood.

 The first half of Airi’s job went well. She met a young couple who weren’t too far from her in age and they had a positive conversation before Airi left them alone to continue her patrol of the park. She then met two very young boys playing catch.  One of the boys black and the other was Asian. “Can you play with us?” One of the boys asked.

“Sure, but only for a short while.” Replied Airi.

She played catch with the two boys for a whole one minute before continuing her patrol.

  After her lunch break, which started at one-thirty p.m. and ended at two-ten p.m., Airi continued her patrol. The second half of Airi’s patrol of the Eastern part of the park at first seemed like it was going to go as smoothly as the first, however, that all seemed to have changed when Yasmine started speaking to her threw the walky-talky.

  “Airi have you’ve been introduced to Byzantine?”

 “Who is Byzantine?”

“The park mascot.”

“No I haven’t been introduced yet”

 “Well here’s your chance, however, I must warn you that running from her is useless.”

 “Why would I need to run from her?”

  “You’ll see,” said Yasmine menacingly. 

Airi look around in hopes of spotting the parks mascot, but she didn’t see anything other than the parks trees. Then out of nowhere she heard a voice say, “Honey.” Airi looked behind her as quickly as she could.

“Byzantine!” she shouted.

 The voice came again. “Honey”

“Hello, Byzantine where are you? I love games more than the next person but not know, ok? Show yourself.”

 Airi couldn’t find the mascot no matter how much she tired looking for it. Fear started to creep upon her.  “Honey, said the voice but this time it was much louder than before.

  Airi turned around and saw the park mascot hovering right in front of her.

 If she wasn’t hovering in the air, Byzantine could probably be measured around Airi’s younger sister, Destiny height, probably a little shorter. She had dark bee like eyes, skin as dark as coal and a huge brown afro that probably covered not only her ears but also her insect like antenna’s. Attire wise, she only wore a long yellow shirt with black strips running horizontally.

 “Do you have any honey, lady?” Asked Byzantine.

 Ignoring the question, Airi stared fearfully at Byzantine. “What is this monster?” She thought to herself.

“Lady, I asked you a question. You know it’s rude not to ignore bees when they ask you a question. Also, why are you staring at me like you’ve seen a ghost or something? Do I scare you or something?”

ignoring the question, Airi turned and started running away from Byzantine.

 “I told her not to do that,” said Yasmine as she joyfully watched the events from the watch tower.

Hovering behind Airi, as she ran, Byzantine asked Airi if she was trying to run from her?  She then hovered in front of Airi causing Airi to stop quickly. 

“Please don’t hurt me!” cried Airi whilst falling to her knees.

  Lifting one of her eyebrow whilst lowering the other Byzantine asked. “Why would I hurt you? I just want to know if you have any honey.”

  “I don’t have any honey.” Airi said quickly.

  “Are you a new park ranger? You have the same uniform on as the other two, Serena and Yasmine.”

  “Yes, I’m the new park ranger.”

 “Hello, my name is Byzantine and I’m the mascot of this park. What’s your name?”

 “My name is Airi.”

 “Nice to meet you Airi. Next time could you remember to bring some honey?

  Airi nodded.

 “Byzantine, why aren’t you in your section of the park?” Asked john from out of the walkie – talkie.

  Byzantine gasped before flying away from Airi in a rush.

  “Byzantine...Byzantine…. Byzantine!”

  “She’s gone,” said Airi.

“She better be going back to the bee sanctuary.” Said John.

“What the heck was that?” Asked Airi.

 “Sorry Airi, I thought I would introduce you to Byzantine later. I hope you wasn’t too scared?”

 “Who was that?”

 “Bee girl better known as Byzantine. She’s this parks mascot.”

 “She was floating.”

 “Yes, she can fly using the wings on her back.”

 Airi didn’t quickly respond so john decided to continue.

 “Are you OK? I hope this experience don’t make you want to quiet the job?”

“I don’t know if I want to quiet or not. For now, I just want to know if there are more of does things or not” said Airi.

“No, she’s the only one around here.”

Airi was still very much afraid of Byzantine. She stared at the direction she saw Byzantine leave, for she feared her return. “Where is she at now.”

“Don’t worry Airi she’s gone back to her section of the park. She’s nowhere near you.” Said Yasmine.

“Are you sure”

“Yes, she’s gone.”

“Are you all right, Airi. Do I need to come and get you?” Asked John.

Airi said she wouldn’t mind if he did.

When he arrived where Airi stood, the first thing John did was to apologize to Airi for the trauma Byzantine caused her. He then asked her if she would like to go home early.

“I want to learn more about Byzantine,” said Airi excitedly.

John was shocked at Airi’s excitement. He thought he had lost an employee, but it seemed like he might just have forever gained one. “If you are still interested we can visit Byzantine once the park is closed for today.”

Airi agreed to visit Byzantine later, once the park was closed.

 Later, as soon as the park had closed at five- thirty, John gave Airi a jar of honey and they, along with Serena and Yasmine, went to the bee sanctuary, which was in the northern part of the park.

Once they had arrived, John called out to Byzantine from behind the yellow tape that in circled the sanctuary. Byzantine showed up very quickly.

“Do you have any honey for me?” Byzantine asked.

“Yah, that’s what you’re going to be asked every time you meet up with Byzantine,” said John.

Whilst holding the jar of honey in both her hands, Airi held out both her arms. “Here you go Byzantine.”

Taking hold of the jar of honey, Byzantine excitedly thanked Airi.

Airi watched as Byzantine opened the jar’s lid and scooped the honey up using her abnormally long tongue. The sight made her feel a little creeped out, however, it also made her more curious about Byzantine.

“I hope we will be seeing you tomorrow Airi,” said John.

“Of course, why wouldn’t you?”

John gave Airi a smile. Airi gave John one back.

© Copyright 2018 zuki. All rights reserved.

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