The Girl With Pale, Yellow Eyes

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Tread lightly, bullies - you never know who the object of your hurt may truly be...

Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



There's many a reason as to why
We fear dark things in sweet disguise.
Remember this truth as I tell you why
You should fear the girl with pale, yellow eyes.

The day was bright with the clearest sky,
One few towns would dare despise,
Especially one of Lakewood's size;
A small, quaint town of pleasant guise.

A new girl enrolled at Lakewood High
In a plain black dress and black ribbon tie.
Though something about her made rumors arise:
How strange it was she had pale, yellow eyes.

“It's freaky, I tell ya,” chuckled the guys.
“Weirdo, for sure,” the girls would reprise.
So many words would spawn many lies,
Which lead to a night when a plot was devised.

A small group of students, six in size
Hatched up a plan with buckets of dye:
They'd storm her house and let them all fly
To scare her away from their Lakewood High.

They jimmied the door, easy to pry,
Sneaking right in, quiet and sly.
No one seemed home, they didn't ask why
So long as they'd do what they came there to try.

Three went upstairs as three walked by
The living room and kitchen with mischievous eyes.
They ruined the walls with harsh words in dye
Until, from above, came deafening cries.

They tried to go up to see what's awry
But saw, instead, staring down from up high;
The girl from their school and her pale, yellow eyes,
Only now she seemed like a nightmare's disguise.

They tried to flee, and key word is try,
Somehow frozen in fear and surprise.
“You shouldn't have come,” she coolly chastised
“But I'm glad you did, and soon you'll know why.”

Their pleas and screams hit pitches so high
The neighborhood dogs whined 'til sunrise.
Cracking and crunching filled between cries
Until, at last, the last noise died.

The next day, in town, a rumor gave rise
Of a search for six students from Lakewood High,
Yet police found nothing at the house but some dye;
Not the six nor the girl with pale, yellow eyes.

© Copyright 2018 M. A. Yacone. All rights reserved.

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