Pitch black

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Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



Pitch black

Every day I wake up with the thought, “hey you, wake up, new day, this one is going to be way better”

But then reality hits, it’s usually even way worse then yesterday all together.

We struggle and all got our stories, I know I am not the only one,

For me it has been several years when all this trouble began.

People wanna be close to me, get to know me, wanna talk to me.

Yet when I let them in and show “me” they run away as far away as they can be.

I am dark inside but haven’t been always like this,

It’s the light in me that I daily miss.

Honestly sometimes it even feels good to dwell,

It sometimes makes me feel a little well.

But you know, people don’t seem to understand, that I really just need a friend.

Someone who can accept my darkness for now, and sticks by me until I make a bow.

A bow to myself when I get through this, a bow to life and all it’s …

For now all I see is pitch black but I promise you, one day my light will come back!

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