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A message to a friend, long overdue.

Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



Dear friend, 


Through times I know things fell far out of favour, we'd distanced so far, built our walls and barely became neighbours. 

A great disdain that sprouted through the middle of great stress, an ignored weed that, in between the happiness infests. 

The stems of doubt, the leaves of rage, the vibrant greens of envy. The question of the times before, of how we were so friendly.

Yet, across the cracked flagstone that we once called support, we noticed how much damage and the hurt that we had wrought. A single sigh, the smallest push of want for what we were. The laughs, the smiles and inside jokes, the feelings much preferred. 

And so to you, the person I caused harm and selfish pain: 


You have my deep apologies, and my prayers that you remain. 

A man admits his errors, and to prove your title of "Mister", to you, my favourite dragon of the sea, I call you Sister.

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