A school nightmare

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This is the story of a boy whos teacher is horrible will he forget about or do something?

Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



welcome dear reader today i will be telling you a story about me.

I am in Primary six and this is what happend me yesterday so I poured a bowl of cereal while my mum says "Get your school bag!" so I grabbed it and put it on my back. "We're going now Max" (which is me) "im eating" "Not anymore get out" "bu.." "No buts max now get out" So i walked out the door quite annoyed as anyone would be in this situation. And before you says she might be having a bad day She was always like this.

so I walk into the school doors and this guy called Caolab shoves me and calls me a Ginger nut (I am not ginger which is quite weird) so I just walked on and then the teacher comes out and says "Sorry Max class is not on today your good friend Sal has sadly been mudered" And i cry and cry and cry im even crying while writing this I am crying So i had to find out more about this I call Sal's Mum and this is the conversation "Hello mrs Fitzsimmions I am very sorry for your loss" "Its ok It was not your fault" How are you doing?" "not too bad How are you" Im alright" "umm i was just wondiring who ya know done it to Sal?" "We dont know max Sorry ok Thats alright" 

My brother walked into my room remeber sal was muderd one hour ago.

I saw a red substance on his hand so I ask him Whats that "oh i just had a bloody nose" " oh Okay" " I went into my brothers bed room and I saw a gun a pistiol so i called the cops later on My brother was arrested for muder of Sal Fitzsimmions.

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