The heat from within

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You start the day off peacefully and then suddenly you are overwhelmed with all these thoughts

Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



is it better to be infamous or forgotten? Looking for self love from others that are not myself Accept thine self watch the wonder of the world love you the greenhouse keeper watches over you but he can't change what has already been planted. seedlings rely on good soil , nutrients and water from their gardener to blossom or wither and die and independent  or dependant outcome reliant on society I become weak, disillusioned what's right or wrong my instincts my soul what you show me is all I can see am I awake am I blind am I open propaganda  at every stage I am convinced I am brainwashed is my melanin too strong oh mother earth I am the steel of the earth, I was birthed by the sea from a patch of soil. eternally momentarily  aware of my inheritances shame to think it was stolen from me pryed from the hands that fed me I long for the earthy red soil for my feet to mingle with the sand the stones hot from the sun pierce my sole It won't hurt because it rains and when it rains  the scent of the cake made from the rain and the earth my feet touch reminds me of me me before I knew the sunflower moments I run from sand to the tar of the road.'s hot what meets me is the sound of the kettle bell effortlessly  I know to seek the reward I yearn for only when the bell  rings conical floating white clouds  a brown sky and I am memory plays tricks  on me a comical  bond between me myself and  soul I love ice cream from the man with bike ,a bell a trailer....

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