Two Dames In A Dodge, Or Route 66

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Submitted: July 05, 2017

On a Wednesday afternoon, Esme Smythie and Mitzi Jones, two topless waitresses, were about to leave TipTop Titties for their three w... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 06, 2017

Chompy let one rip, and since they hd already paid, they rushed out of the greasy spoon.  Because believe you me, kinkajou farts Sti... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 06, 2017

Before leaving the state, the girls decided to do a little shopping at Mall-Wart. While down the electronics looking for more music, ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 11, 2017

Robin walked over to a truck with signage that indicated it belonged to a Dixie-Lee Warman, whose company was all about Rotweilers. "... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 14, 2017

"No, I don't want to." Mitzi grumbled, crossing her eyes. Howard leaned over and tickled Mitzi mercilessly.  "Come on, Poopsie, ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 29, 2017

Mitzi tried to start the car for the fourth time, unsuccessfully.  "Oh, come on!" she yelled at the steering wheel.  "Try it ... Read Chapter


Submitted: August 09, 2017

Back in the car on the way to the Oklahoma border, Mitzi's painted her toenails bright purple. Esme popped a CD in the player and s... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 03, 2017

Edgar was wondering what he had gotten himself into, what with recent events.  As he snacked on the jelly beans he had brought wit... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 03, 2017

"Ooh, Fried Eggplant Marv's!  Let's go there!  The food there is Oklahoma fried fresh!"  Mitzi cried softly. "You se... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 03, 2017

Pineapple head arrived at hte trio's table with a large serving platter full of the items they had ordered. Mitzi's eyes widened. &... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 08, 2017

Edgar found Mitzi sitting in the car.  Edgar knocked on the passenger window, and Mitzi unlocked the door after looking around to ... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 08, 2017

"Wow!"  Mitzi squealed like pig.  "We're richer than Billy Fucking Crystal!"  She readjusted the rearview mirror to... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 09, 2017

To help stop the awful void, that appeared when Mitzi left, Edgar chose a song from the personal jukebox on the table.  She Ain't ... Read Chapter

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