Transparent Vines

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



I feel the emptiness Etching scars upon my hands. This misery has left my eyes so dry. I've cried the trenches full . I've followed the golden rule . I've faced the horror in my dreams . Undertook the celestial summoned screams. I pulled down the heavens just to Please you . And held the flower I couldn't keep . Now I'm here in a vacant fear. Awaiting the posion in my veins to clear. Set me free.

I can hear the silence floating by. In my ears that soak up lies. Red dress , Sunset crest , A fallen maiden in a sparrows nest. Dressed in blood to look her best. If I go without her love. I will meet my death . Surge my inner thoughts. . Sea shell hissing lulabyes That whisper fathom deep into my eyes. . My secrets scream . To the flower I couldn't keep . While the thorns placed at sleep . I hold a dream that sets me free.

All I fear, is lost here. The wind blows And they know. That intake eyes. Leave a trail to my escape. Where hearts at rest . Become a victim to this fate. I only try. To ignore the voices in my mind. That wrench my life To drive to suicide. But all along. These hands of clay feel real. I hand myself the power. To hold the final flower. Next to me at last in serenity. No more pain . A thousand years won't be ashamed. When I hear the silence make a sound. I take my place in misery. To love at last. For my flower is set free.

These vines of time. They age with chipping failure shined. Number one in front of all. I put a ring around it all. These fingers gleam. They grasp the flower I can finally keep. At last we're free. But our bodies are transparent.

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