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we can walk past someone and have a thought based on what we perceive .The question is do our thoughts match what is in their heart.

Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



Sunflowers by the pathway shining so bright It feels like the sun is smiling upon this,glorious day I can smell, no I can feel the glow that illuminates this face of mine My smile radiates the yellow fields of wheat, the perfect swish of the wind, A perfect picture of relaxation, sense of calm ,joy I so badly want you see. Ask yourself can you see me ,can you feel the visual presentation I have bestowed upon your eyes Alike to so many before you, a favour is what you return, graciously offered I am forever grateful. By grace, beautiful stranger ,look harder ,dig deeper,yes you You can not see Comprehend my world. Every step I take barefoot on this cactus pavement, less and less I feel the pain ,as I inhale the air thick with smoke I can hardly breathe, it burns,I am scared I can taste iron,metal It's blood I see when I look down on my feet, Tears threaten to fall down my heart, you shall not see me as weak ,I wear my tears in the smile I present to you. It's by choice you only see my smile, you choose to take particular notice to the glint in my eyes yet..I am screaming .. I am drowning in this well, the ever ending darkness ,I breath it all in heavy is the weight it stings I try to swallow it all in I can not swim fast enough to reach the light the harder I struggle to climb to the top of the well I see a glimmer of hope shining through ,I can hear your laughter, My arms give up on me , back to the bottom of this bottomless pit I sink Can I sink any lower, Neatly wrapped like a present, this package I call my face , my body ,my personality, my smile like a bow on a box from Tiffany's Hello? Are you still there? Excuse me ?

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