i was listenning to a beat, and i came up with this verse...

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Submitted: July 05, 2017

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Submitted: July 05, 2017



I was listening to a beat and I came up with this verse...

I wonder of what I was going to write
Cant stand this I'm so oblivious
Cant touch this, I'm the bestest
I'm the rukus, Ruthless like Jesus
Crucified tell you like jesus
Teach you a lesson
like Cheeseburgers when they lesson
Enough to go around, My beans are like ghost
Clock-stop-shock ya punk
I'm old enough to hear you
Originality at it's finiest
We team to rule G's
Tease the lean mean fighting machine
We the old brand and new
Catch me ruling the army
Of you will feel me
Now the chorus
Listen to the beat
Like a time machine

Yo, yo, touch my chest
it's where I write my lyrics
Test the vest, like rubbin a genie lamp
Hear the rest of the heart beat
Hear me hopefully speaking about what's inside and out like D pro progidy
Like "Holy Diver" I hear you
The art of attacking like sweet acting

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